Mar 14, 2012

REVIEW: Between the Lines by Tammara Webber

     So I'm always looking for new books to read and fortunately stumbled upon this novel and delighted in the fact that it was a series! Between the Lines is the first novel of three and it was so different from what I was expecting but in a good way. See the book is told from two point of views, Reid Alexander and Emma Pierce. I hadn't exactly read the blurb for the novel before reading so I hadn't really known what it was about.
     So the novel surrounds characters who are all actors and the story-line for the most part unfolds while on set filming a modern day high school version of Pride & Prejudice. Reid Alexander is Hollywood's It-boy. He gorgeous with his blonde perfectly styled hair and baby blues that make all the girls melt. He's charming and he knows it. He's a bit of a player. Okay, that's understating. He's a lot of a player. Boy has one night stands like no one's business, doesn't believe in love, doesn't do relationships and doesn't believe in marriage and loves the fame and fortune. Sounds like a damaged hero only our beautiful heroine can fix right? Wrong!
     Emma Pierce isn't even close to famous as Reid is and really doesn't want to be acting in shallow roles and craves to be a normal teenage girl. And if she's doing any acting she wants it to be on stage audience-engaging performances and Indie films that mean something. They couldn't be more opposite right?
     I honestly tried to like Reid. I really did because I really thought this was going to be the kind of novel where the heroine saves her hero and he becomes a better person. I really kept looking for redeeming qualities in this guy and he wouldn't let me find any. Turns out though that Reid probably wasn't going to be the hero for our heroine.
     Reid is immediately attracted to our sweet Emma at the audition and there's chemistry and she's feeling it too. Reid was determined to have her but she was playing coy not just giving him what he wanted. Not throwing herself at him. I respected that. Uncommon for him he decided to bide his time till opportunity knocked for his chance with Emma. He knew she felt things around him too so he'd wait because she was different.
     What he didn't bargain for was Graham Reynolds, his ex's possible new man was moving in on his territory. I'm not gonna play down Graham because he was pivotal in this novel.
Emma found herself having feelings for them both doing uncharacteristic things like kissing Graham one night to kissing Reid the night after. Yes she thought he was involved with her cast-mate but hey she's human and what's a 17 year old girl to do faced with two hot males.
She becomes involved with Reid and again I could find no redeeming qualities. Boy just wanted to get laid to be blunt. Sure yea he could get it from any girl but something was different about Emma and he wanted her so badly that he could wait. Maybe that was one . . . maybe  . . . no! Boy hooked up with other girls while pursuing her and I'm there like, he doesn't deserve her and boy when she finds out!
     Needless to say wonder-boy screws thing up when Emma overhears him talking to Brooke (the ex) about how he abandoned her pregnant at sixteen and took no responsibilities for his actions. She done what any self-respecting girl would do and ditched his ass! Girl Power! 
I'm rattling . . . so let's just see if I can wrap this up. What I loved about this book was that it was so not what I expected as I stated before. The relationship between Emma and her best friend Emily. Emma and Emily, how cute is that? And basically Emma. Maybe I'm being biased because she reminds me of me a little personality wise but her character was strong and at moments it felt like kindred spirits.
     I loved how the book ended. I've said so much and not nearly enough I feel. I'm moving straight on to the second Where You Are. This book and I'm sure the entire series is on my keeper list! Fantastic read. It kept me drawn in and locked on for the ride for the entirety. Couldn't stop reading!
     I look forward to more from this terrific author.

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