Mar 31, 2012

Jessie's Sensual Encounter by MsCandy

Jessie walked into her bedroom only to freeze in shock and surprise. Nick DeLucca was lying in her bed stark naked save for her cream silk sheets barely covering his manhood. He looked . . . Good God! Sexy as hell! He was her waking wet dream. He lounged against the mountains of pillows like an Adonis, a sexy underwear model posing for the female version of Playboy.

"Are you just going to stare at me or are you going to get naked and join me?" His voice was low and gruff with sexual heat that sent shivers up her spine and curled her toes. "How did you get in here, Nick? Y-You're not supposed to be here. You know I can't see you.  I'm getting married tomorrow, Nick." Her voice was rough and weak. Even knowing it was wrong, him being here, she wanted him as she always had.

He was her childhood crush. They'd grown up together, spent every spare moment together till they were seventeen when Nick had to leave because his dad had gotten a big promotion in another city. She'd cried a lot for him. Missed him so much. His companionship, his friendship. She had always counted on him and suddenly he wasn't there anymore.

When she finally saw him again she was engaged to someone else. He hadn't known that when he'd kissed her after having lunch together in his suite three days ago. She'd felt so terribly guilty after that she'd blurted it out and all but ran from the room. The intensity of the attraction that was between them was overwhelming and she never thought she'd feel this way about him. By God if he hadn't grown into one gorgeous man. So exquisitely formed, she felt herself drooling a little as she stared at his scantily clad bod.

"One last hurrah before you marry Mr. Perfect. You know you want to." His oceanic eyes were positively devilish. Yes she wanted to but she wasn't sure she could control the feelings she was having for him if they had sex.

He rose from the bed in one fluid moment and the sheet dropped back to the bed caressing his body on the way down.

Heat coursed through her veins and she felt like she was on fire. He was glorious. His muscles clenching, his broad shoulders and slightly furred  chest, his perfectly toned abs. A thin line of hair leading down to his erection standing long, proud and thick among a thatch of dark hair. Her mouth watered to taste him and her womb clenched as if yearning to feel him inside.

"Like what you see?" His gaze was shuttered, sensual, coaxing. He raised one dark brow in question as she continued to stare at him like a slab of prime rib. His long straight black hair brushed his sculpted shoulders. His eyes sly and so blue she could drown in them.

He stalked her against the wall and she took a cautious step back. "Don't run." He breathed against her parted lips as he pinned her against the wall. She shivered violently at his closeness. "I'll make you feel so good." He licked at her lips slow and teasing and she convulsed with want.

"Nick please." she breathed thickly. "I can't . . .oh God . . .please!"

His lips touched hers and she was immediately lost. He kissed her like a man starved. He devoured her mouth with hard, hot, heady kisses that went straight to her groin. She wanted him so bad. She couldn't think about anything but him. He surrounded her so completely. He blotted out all coherent thought.

She wrapped her arms around him, her nails digging into his muscled back as she raked her fingers down and grabbed hold of his firm, full buttocks and squeezed. If possible, he grew harder against her and groaned, grinding his erection into her mound. She breathed harshly unable to catch her breath as his mouth trailed her jaw and suckled her neck. Sucking and laving her hot skin. Bliss washed over her entire body. She needed to feel him against her, skin-to-skin.

He ripped her blouse open scattering buttons all over the floor and dragged her short skirt down her hips. Her shoes were already kicked somewhere in the corner of her room. Clad only in her underwear and wrapped up in sexy man, she squirmed against him as he tipped her back unto the pristine bed and fell onto her catching his weight on his elbows so not to crush her. He caressed her all over. His hands were everywhere. The sensations were mind-blowing.

His wandering fingers found the front closure in her bra and released the clutch drawing a turgid nipple into his mouth. He sucked her breast like a hungry babe. She needed him inside her now, she felt ready to explode, overstimulated. She craved release only he could give her. His fingers skimmed down her body and found her wet throbbing center, his blunt finger probed her and slipped in with a wet pop.  She panted and shuddered at the pleasure.

He ripped the lace up the center of her slit and buried his face between her legs, feasting on her nether lips. He sucked and nipped her clit making her hip rise up off the bed. She bucked and ground against his face but he stopped before she found release.

He grinned up at her from between her legs, his mouth wet with her juices. He had a self- satisfied look on his face for rousing her to the brink and making her a bundle of sexual nerves. She was wired and on end. Nick crawled up her body and settled between her legs and entered her without preamble in one hard thrust. "Oh God, Nick!" she cried out. He was hot and hard and he filled her so deliciously. She felt so full, almost to bursting, he was so big.

 "Ready baby?" His voice was rough with pleasure. His eyes were dilated to almost black. She nodded and he began thrusting slowly. Her legs wrapped around his thick tapered waist driving him deeper. "God Nick, harder." her voice was almost guttural.

"You got it baby." He fucked her into the bed. His thrusts swift and rough but she reveled in his rough handling. He rode her mercilessly then flipped to his back taking her with him and dragged her roughly unto his hard cock. She groaned out loud at how deep he was. She needed to come. She rode him hard and fast taking all of him to the hilt.

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"Yea, ride me, baby." He grabbed unto her swaying breasts and she convulsed around him in shuddering waves. "Oh God . . . Nick, feels so good!" As she clenched around him, it spiraled him into his own mind-blowing orgasm. "Fuck Jess!" He came long and hard filling her with his male essence and as she collapsed in a heap on him, loss in their post-coital haze, neither of them considered that they hadn't used protection . . .


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