Apr 12, 2012

Arrogant Playboy Blackmails Innocent Ex-Wife

REVIEW: Return of the Moralis Wife by Jacqueline Baird

My Thoughts: 3/5 stars

          What is up with my favorite Harlequin authors these days? Jacqueline Baird is usually one of my go-to authors for these types of novels and I have to say this one was a disappointment for me. The Hero has no redeeming qualities. If anyone can find any please, share with me because I came up completely empty. Against my better judgement, I read this book though the reviews were less than stellar, because I love this author.

          The Hero was a jerk! An arrogant, misogynistic jerk! He marries the heroine as part of a business deal between her grandfather and his father and then just throws her out and divorces her after finding a half-naked young man in her bed. He gave her no opportunity to explain to him that the drunken man had came into the wrong room and she hadn't known he was there.
          Fast-forward six or was it seven? Seven years later. She's older, wiser and wants nothing to do with her ex husband when she sees him at her grandfather's funeral. He however wants her  . . . bad! I liked the heroine in this book which was the only thing I liked really. She really resisted his charms and ploys until she had no choice. 
          He had the gall to blackmail her to be his lover for two weeks in order to give her the means to take care of her grandfather's staff.  All this is done with revenge though . . . he wants her to suffer. To be at his mercy.
          As one reviewer put it, the Hero throughout the entire novel seemed to have a permanent erection where the heroine is concerned. Since he met her when she was eighteen he wanted her. Lusted for her and nothing had changed all those years later. All he wanted to do was have sex. I felt the book was only that! Their sexual relationship. I don't begrudge her for giving in because she still desired the man who had awakened her as a woman. But really all they really did was have sex for the most part of the novel and he was insanely possessive and jealous if she so much as smiled at another man.
          They "fell in love" and lived HEA and got remarried but honestly, I just couldn't believe he loved her. She I believed because she was so young when they married. I believed she loved him. But this man showed nothing but desire for her body, used it for his pleasure and then when their affair was over realized he loved her? I'm thinking the lust made him think he was. Maybe he genuinely loved her after they remarried and had children but hey . . . that's just me.
          Not my fav by Ms Baird by a long shot. Still love her work though and will look forward to her new releases when they come!


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