Apr 11, 2012

REVIEW: The Devil and Miss Jones by Kate Walker

My Thoughts: 3/5 stars
 I couldn't rate this book any higher because it was just so implausible. I usually enjoy Kate Walker's books. She's one of my favorites but this one was just flat for me. I guess the story was nice, these two lost souls finding each other just when they bought needed someone (Hero, had no family; heroine walked out on her wedding after finding her deceitful groom with a bridesmaid).
     First off, the scene on the street with her hitchhiking was way too long for me. It took them almost three chapters to get out of the downpour and to somewhere safe and warm. Then as per usual for these novels, they sleep together and he knocks her up.
      I could have dealt with that, they weren't the deal-breakers for me. I actually really admired that the heroine traveled to the Hero's home country to tell him about the baby. She really tried. Sometimes in these romances, the heroines put on a halfway effort to inform the Hero or just doesn't tell him at all, I admired Martha for the lengths she went to give him a choice.
     What really killed this story for me was when she didn't want to marry him and was going to leave, he tells her he was falling in love with her even from that first night. Keep in mind here that they had only known each other for a few hours until they met again at his birthplace. He tells her how she taught him about family, and I thought; Did I miss something? When did she do that? Was it the conversation they had about his grandfather and his parents? Needless to say, I couldn't really read the last few pages, I'm sure I knew how it ended anyway with declaration of love on both sides and HEA. 
     I love this author's books but this one was not a hit for me. But that just one person's opinion.


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