Apr 28, 2012

REVIEW: Hidden Love by Carole Mortimer

My Thoughts:

4/5 stars

I thought this was a really great story. I would have given it 5 stars but it took me a while to get used to the Hero. I didn't like him much before he and the heroine married or even after they married and also because of an separation that was way tooooo long.
     Let me keep it short and sweet. The heroine is very naive in the ways of physical relationships with the opposite sex. She meets our Tennis star Hero after she helps get his heavily pregnant sister to the hospital to have her baby. The Hero is immediately taken with her and asks her to have dinner with him as a way to thank her for helping his sister.
     Needless to say, the Hero was really pursuing her to get in her pants. All he wanted from her was sex while she thought he was genuinely interested with her even though he's always asking to spend the night with her. Like I said, she's naive.
      After losing a tennis match at Wimbledon, he gets drunk and trying to comfort him and help him in his inebriated state, the heroine sticks around his apartment only to have him seduce her. She's a virgin obviously and he accuses her of planning the whole thing, though really it was all him.
     He insists she marry him because he doesn't want his child to be illegitimate like he was. So she is forced to marry him and they will part if she doesn't turn up pregnant. She continues to have sex with him though but realizes that's all they have and so she tells him she's not pregnant and he let's her leave.
     Here's what I didn't like. The next time they see each other is two years later. Come on, that long?! She has had his baby and he comes to see her while he's in town. He was really very possessive and jealous towards her throughout the novel though he kept repeating how he couldn't wait to get rid of her. When they reconcile, he tells her that he loved her from the first moment though he couldn't let himself believe it and that he deliberately kept trying to get her pregnant after they married so she'd stay with him. When he thought she had another man in her life, he even went so far as to say he'd share her with the man if that's the only way he could have her. 
     All in all a good story. I'm just late on my reading having just discovered this book which was published in the 80s. Not my decade anyway so free pass. And so much for short and sweet. Don't hold it against me . . . as I said before, I tend to ramble.


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