Apr 28, 2012

I Love Abbi Glines!


Existence by Abbi Glines

My Thoughts: 5/5 stars

       First off, let me just say, this is one of the hottest covers ever! Beautiful. It was what drew me in at first. The cover model is gorgeous and those eyes are hauntingly beautiful. Now that I've said that, this book was so awesome! The premise for the story is one I haven't yet read from anyone else. It was a good change of pace from my usual paranormal reads, vampire and werewolves.
     Though I thought this book was pretty frickin' amazing, I didn't like everything but chose to overlook it and still give it 5 stars because the story on the whole was great. 
     First off, I have to say though Dank was like the hottest thing, I liked Leif so much. I really felt bad that she wasn't having any real feelings for him. He was so sweet and just . . . GAH! I really wished she'd just broken it off with him earlier because she let it reach to the point of love declarations.
     Second! I have to mention it as so many other reviewers did and say what kinda name is DANK?! Though it was weird I did think it was original and got over it because I LOVED Dank! He wasn't a constant in the novel always disappearing and reappearing but it was hard not to like his sort of bad boy air! His description alone would make any girl melt with his gorgeous blue eyes and dimples and OH! I could just imagined his sexy smirk! Who knew Death could be so irresistible!
     I really enjoyed the stolen moments between Dank and Pagan! Though I felt guilty on her behalf for Leif. He didn't really deserve to be strung along when she didn't feel even close to what he felt for her. 
     All in all, a terrific story that I was captivated with from the start and never lost interest in it. It was read in a matter of hours and I'm itching to start Predestined. Also there's Ceaseless releasing in September! So excited.

Now it's on to the next. I really can't wait so I'm starting on this one immediately! It's too good. Like chocolate when you're dieting! 

The third novel in the trilogy is expected to be published September 18th 2012.


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