Apr 14, 2012

Irresistible Desert King & Timid Princess

REVIEW: His Majesty's Mistake by Jane Porter

She's everything this desert king shouldn't want... 
Spurned and publicly humiliated by the father of her child, Princess Emmeline d'Arcy has no ring, no wedding date and no legitimacy for her unborn baby. 
And the last straw? Having to trade in her gilded lifestyle and pretend to be her twin sister, otherwise known as Sheikh Makin Al-Koury's personal assistant. 
Accustomed to being waited on hand and foot, Emmeline finds herself having to jump to the click of her boss's skillful fingers-day and night! But once the sheikh uncovers her shameful past, will his touch be nothing but a scorching memory?

My Thoughts: 5/5 stars
          I absolutely loved it! This Sheikh was downright dreamy to me. The best Sheikh I've read in a while. Usually these Desert Kings are demanding and controlling. Bossy! This one was commandeering without actually being harsh. He didn't have any jerkish qualities and there was nothing unlikable about him. He was kind and gentle and I think this was in part because the heroine seemed so fragile like the slightest thing could break her. As a royal she'd had a tough upbringing, nothing like what you'd expect. Always searching for love because she never felt she had to at home.
          This was such a sweet love story and definitely going on my keeper-shelf. I loved that the heroine was insecure and flighty and scared because even at her age, being so innocent to man-woman relationships, she was just as I expected her to be when thinking about being physical with a man she barely knew. Makin was patient and he way he fell for her so effortlessly, it made me smile.
          Enough rambling  . . . brilliant romance novel. Loved it!
(PS: I didn't even know this was the second novel in the duo. Seems I missed Hannah story. Gonna' rectify that now)

Be sure to have a read of the 1st novel In Ms Porter's Royalty Duo, Not Fit for a King (Hannah's story).

Happy Reading!


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