Apr 8, 2012

My Latest Mills & Boon Modern Reads


My Thoughts:
     I absolutely loved it! I've read so much of these novels and I read them in such a short space of time. I've noticed a pattern with the lead characters that make the stories predictable. The heroine in this one was so different and I've regained my love for Mills & Boon's Modern collection. 
     Zara is so fiercely independent contrary to counterparts of the same sex in countless novels I've read before. Her only weakness was to the irresistibly handsome Russian oligarch Nikolai. I couldn't fault her there. Though seemingly incapable of a real relationship with Zara, it seemed inevitable that he would fall in love with her ( It wouldn't be a M&B novel if it didn't happen)by the way he pursued her. It was a fast read and never fell flat for me at any point. I read it in approximately three hours (and only because I kept having to get up to do stuff!) Yea that fast!
Sharon Kendrick is one of my fav go-to authors for these romances and I've not been disappointed yet!


My Thoughts:
     This is the third novel from this author that I've read (the third she's written I think) and I'm so happy again that I got this book. All her books have held me from start to finish. This one was no different. The hero was so different from heroes I've read before. He was so tortured and stubborn! He and the heroine had the latter trait in common and in spades. They were both headstrong and stubborn till it was sometimes annoying but I couldn't lose interest in this story because it was too good.
     The heroine's father took the hero in when he was just a boy with no one else to care for him. The thing that made me like this story so much is how the two leads loved each other since the start. His stubbornness, self-loathing and fierce loyalty to her father the reason's why they kept dallying around each other till fate brought them together again seven years after the heroine had departed and her father deceased. It was only a matter of time before suppressed emotions took over and passion ignited. Gosh, I really loved this!
Ms Tate's next novel is entitled A World She Doesn't Belong To and I can't wait for my next read from this author! So good!


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