Apr 9, 2012

New Covers for the Brenna Blixen Novels by Liz Reinhardt

     I am so totally in love with these new E-book covers for this series!  I haven't had a chance to read the third installment "Slow Twitch" yet but I can't wait! Such terrific novels. These new covers visualize our main characters for us and gosh are they beautiful!
     The first cover "Double Clutch" features Brenna  and she's just as I pictured! So beautiful! I need a drink of water for Jake on the cover of the second novel "Junk Miles" because he is more gorgeous than I pictured him! Damn! And Saxon with his sinful looking lips on the "Slow Twitch" cover? Sigh . . .
                                                     BTW Covers by Tammara Webber!
                                                     Absolutely love these novels . . .


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