Apr 9, 2012

REVIEW: New Mills & Boon Modern Reads

A Night of Living Dangerously by Jennie Lucas

My Thoughts: I'd give this novel  4/5 stars
I really enjoyed it but sometimes I just wanted to smack the Hero! He was so insulting to her at times and that big scene he made in front of everyone at their party? I would have castrated his ass! She forgave him way too easy. His gesture for her forgiveness was sweet, I'll admit but I would've made him work a little harder. All in all it was a really good story! I really liked the heroine, her personality was infectious!

A Shameful Consequence by Carol Marinelli

My Thoughts: Carol Marinelli has got another hit! This was a superbly written novel. The plot intriguing from the Prologue of twins separated at birth. This first story in The Secrets of Xanos novels was Nico and Constantine's story. The author kept the balance between the Hero and the heroine's story and Nico's search for his biological parents and answers to his adoption subsequently leading to his discovery of having a twin brother. Though Nico and Connie's story got wrapped up at the end of the novel, the door to his reunion with his twin was left wide open in anticipation of the second novel An Indecent Proposition, Zander's and Charlotte's story. I'm on to the next and excited really for the reunion of these two brothers!   5/5 stars

Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation by Michelle Conder

My Thoughts: This was a really great debut novel from Ms Conder. The premise set for a very good story of the reunion of two people who have always felt strongly about one another. The spurned rejected heroine who feels that she is despised by the Hero and the deliberately antagonistic Hero who hides his lust for the heroine by insulting her. I loved how he had to work for it in the end after being such a jerk to her throughout the novel. He told her that he had believed he'd been wrong about her before they slept together and discovered her virgin status but honestly I didn't believe him. All in all a really good first novel. I look forward to more of her work. 4/5 stars ( probably would have been 5 but the Hero diminished the story for me a bit with his overbearing jerk-off attitude. He made me want to smack something)


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