Apr 15, 2012

Oh My . . .Drakon!


       Can he turn defiance  into desire? 
Drakon Lyonedes has it all: power, wealth, sex appeal...and any woman he wants! Until the beautiful Gemini Bartholomew steps into his life, that is... 
      Confronting him over his plan to turn her family home into a hotel, Gemini intrigues Drakon. The problem? Long-term just isn't in this infamously arrogant tycoon's vocabulary-and Gemini is a virgin who surely wants more than one night of sizzling, scorching passion...? 
     She's determined to defy him, but whose willpower will prove the strongest? 

My Thoughts: 5/5 stars

          Oh this is how I love my Mills & Boon romances! This was definitely a keeper. Drakon is the most irresistible Greek Hero I've read in a while! He is downright addictive! I totally loved how endeared her he became with the heroine. How she slowly broke down his walls of cynicism and hardness against love. The heroine was lovely. Pure, with a heart of gold. 
          I love that even though her undeniable physical beauty which as described by Drakon sounded downright angelic, he fell in love with how beautiful a person she was on the inside. This was a beautiful love story. Though there were no sex scenes, there were two interludes that almost led that way and the sexual tension was undeniable between the two throughout. I didn't miss sex scenes though, I felt that it made the story and development of their relationship more meaningful. The sweetest thing was him going through so much to keep her safe and get her back what was deservedly hers from her wicked stepmother.


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