Apr 29, 2012

REVIEW: Predestined by Abbi Glines

My Thoughts: 5/5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel to an already great starter novel. It's crazy how much I love this series! But I still have to say it! DANKMAR?! Still think the name's weird but I love the books to much to even be bothered anymore. Now it's more like DANKMAR RULES!!!!
     First off, I really enjoyed the fact that this one was told in both Pagan's and Dank's POVs. I loved getting more insight into Dank as Death and not just as the hot teen couple he and Pagan were and him being a hot rock star. Seeing him as Death put in perspective how special Pagan was to him, to be the first one to reach a side of him that no one could touch before and how after falling in love with her he was more emotional in his job as Death. It was nice to see how he saw her too and how much he felt for her.
      I'm not going to get in a tizzy and take back the nice things I said about Leif in my review for Existence because even though he was some evil voodoo spirit trying to claim Pagan from Dank, I still couldn't hate him. I could see that he loved her in his own way and it showed with the decision he made towards her  at the end.
     Oh and Wyatt! I wasn't very attached to him in the first novel but when he passed on, I cried a little for Pagan and Miranda's loss. 
     Let me chill on the sadness and say that Dank was so jealous and possessive of Pagan in this one even more so than in Existence and I loved it! I have to say my fav jealous moment was when he signed the autograph for Pagan's ex-bf at Wyatt's funeral. So funny that I literally LOL'd! My heart did go into a panic though when Dank saw that Jay and Pagan were soul-mates. I knew that there had to be more to that and I'm guessing love triangle in Ceaseless since Jay was there at the end of Predestined
     Loved how Wyatt came back though it wasn't the same. 
     I'm so itching to read Ceaseless now! I told myself to wait to read this one right before Ceaseless comes out so I don't have to wait long. I couldn't do it! 
    And now I have months to worry about Pagan and Dank and how Jay is going to play off in Ceaseless. Pagan and Dank belong together! September please come fast!


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