Apr 13, 2012

Sexy Sheikh & Spoilt Princess!


          She hasn't saved herself for all these years only to be taken by a barbarian!Rescued from the clutches of a lascivious prince, Princess Aisha Peshwah quickly realises she's jumped out of the frying pan and headfirst into the fire. Her rescuer is Zoltan Al Farouk bin Shamal – an unashamed barbarian! – who must marry Aisha himself to ensure he is crowned King! Commanding, stern and brutally attractive, Zoltan is as untamed as the desert he will be master of! And, as much as Aisha tries to resist, her innocent body soon begins to unravel beneath his powerful possession…

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars

          I really liked this story from the start. Sheikh romances has finally become one of my guilty pleasures. I would have given this book 5 stars if not for the extremely annoying heroine (IMO). I haven't seen any reviews for this novel yet but strangely I really didn't like the heroine Aisha at all! She was too self-involved for me to like her.
          The hero however I found him irresistible. He was arrogant and a bit of a beast yes, but it was sexy! It worked for him. Circumstances surrounding their countries betrothed them to each other. He was gracious enough to agree to the marriage as his duty to his country to become the next King. She however was constantly throwing tantrums and lashing out at him - both physically and verbally.
          I understood that she was so violently uprooted from her life and a choice was taken away from her but she could've been more open to adapting. She gave the Hero hell from start to finish only capitulating till nearly the end of the story. They both had a duty to perform and though he was gaining a position of royalty from this sacrifice, she never considered that he was making concessions for his country just as she was. 
         I ramble so let me wrap up. Good story. Good Hero. Heroine could've been more likable.


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