May 24, 2012

REVIEW: The Janitor by Jan Irving

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars

      I really liked this story, it was so different. The leads were complete opposites. Here you have a shy, extremely intelligent guy from a wealthy family where he's sheltered and coddled like a child. Then you have the big, brawny janitor/boxer who like a squishy teddy-bear on the inside despite his hard exterior. 
     I found the characters endearing, especially Dane. He was so adorable! Despite being a good story, there were some inconsistencies that made it impossible for me to give this novel full 5 stars.
    First off, the sudden change in Noel's demeanor was unbelievable. I couldn't wrap my head around this extremely shy guy with no sexual experience, not even gay really, asking Dane to strip for him in the University library and suddenly becoming a Dom. It was just too abrupt. I felt like Noel had to work up to it. 
     I guess I could chalk it up to him becoming brave and taking something that he realized he wanted but I couldn't look past Noel's abrupt personality change.
     Then  there was Dane. As much as I loved him and wanted to give him hugs most of the time, I felt he was too mushy on the inside. I understood and even reveled in this story with the brutish male being the submissive and wanting to be taken care of but Dane was a little too, I don't want to say childish, soft I guess. I can't think of the right word right now but I just felt he was too dependent on others for his happiness. His self-portrayal on the whole completely endeared me but it was taken a bit too far. 
     My next and final issue with the story was his way of speaking. I knew he wasn't even as close in intelligence as Noel was but I didn't think he was stupid. I felt the way in which he spoke was overdone.

     But all in all, I really liked this story which is why I couldn't give it any less than four stars even with the inconsistencies.
    And I just have to say I really hated Noel's bastard of a father.
     Good read though.

                                                    HAPPY READING!


furriboots said...

Are you aware that there is a sequel called The Boxer also published by Loose Id? It is available there or in Kindle edition from

The sequel is novella but it is nice to revisit their world.

MsCandyReadsAlot said...

I know, thanks. I have it in my to-be-read. Already got it.And yes it's available for Kindle on Amazon.

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