May 29, 2012

REVIEW: Easy by Tammara Webber

4.5/5 stars

     Absolutely loved it! Can I just say that Tammara Webber is amazing! After reading her Between the Lines series I was itching for more and eagerly anticipated the release of this novel. I was not disappointed. Easy is one of those novels that you can't stop reading because it's a page-turner from the very start and leaves you panting for more when you encroach on the end. I didn't want it to end! I know it's unrealistic but I just wanted more.
      Let me just say that I have a new hero to obsess over! Lucas is my new obsession. He lies in good company with my other obsessed about heroes; Travis (), Christian (Fifty Shades), Gideon () and Daemon(). His description alone was enough. Sexily tattooed and pierced ( the lip ring-too sexy), reformed troublemaker turned highly studious knight-in-shining-armor. He can save me any day.
     I think I enjoyed this novel so much because it was so dynamic. There were characters that were so real, like Erin and Benji! Totally loved him by the way. The situations so real. I really reveled in the drama because it made the novel even harder to put down. There was so much going on, you just felt like this could be me and my friends. Like this could really happen. Jacqueline dealt with so many things in this novel; her messy breakup from her longtime bf, falling behind in class and facing her first academic failure, the mystery shrouding her econ. tutor and most of all the situation that really brought Lucas and her together, the incident(s) with Buck. Lucas also had his share of issues especially his past that left him closed off, retreating when things got too personal. What he endured well, it hurt my heart and made me tear up a bit.
     Jacqueline is a really strong heroine. I can't say enough how much I dislike heroines who let the men in their lives have free reign. This girl wasn't one of those. She could have been perceived that way for following her boyfriend to college instead of applying to a music program and following her own path but I didn't begrudge this. Though it seemed silly for her to fit her life to his, they were in a long- term relationship so she was justified in wanting to be near him. But this douche's reason for dumping her makes me want to kick some ass. He didn't deserve her anyway and I'm glad she stuck to her guns when the ass-hat came crawling back.
     On to happier parts, I really liked how Jacqueline was with Lucas and would be thinking about Landon, waiting for his emails. Right, Landon is her econ. tutor. Even though I liked this mystery with the tutor, I found myself thinking as the teacher suggested her a tutor to catch up that Lucas would turn out to be the tutor. Then I was thrown because the prof. called the tutor Landon. Then when we found out about Landon I was like . . .right!
     I loved the development with Lucas and Jacqueline's (NOT Jackie) relationship. It didn't move too fast neither was the progression too slow. I just wanted more Lucas! When he admitted his slightly stalker tendancies to her I was awww instead of creepy!
     And him wanting to sketch her, totally had a Titanic, Jack and Rose flashback. But rest assured there was no nude sketching.
    And then there was Lucas being everywhere! 

         I had never noticed Lucas before that night. It was as though he didn’t exist, and then suddenly, he was everywhere.

    Gosh I can't tell you how I cracked up when another of his jobs was revealed. I swear Erin took the words from my mouth when she said: 

      “Parking enforcement officer? Jesus, how many jobs does he have?” she mumbled from the side of her mouth.
      “No shit,” I mumbled back.

     Jacqueline really wasn't exaggerating when she said at the beginning that he was everywhere. 
     I'm just going to continue my never ending babbling if I don't stop now. Anyone who reads my reviews knows I tend to babble when I really like a book and then it's like repetition and disjointed thoughts tapped out. 
    I'll just close and say I really really loved this book and will be quasi-stalking this author for new releases. (Ms Webber, I mean no harm. ;), I'm just a very enthusiastic reader who can't wait to read more of your work).

I can easily recommend this book because it's very easy to love! You won't regret it!

   Happy Reading! 


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