May 9, 2012

REVIEW: Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars

This book gripped me from the very start and had me teary and all weepy. 
     Bullying is never easy, it's never nice . . . it's just plain wrong and from the start I was with this girl, Beth, who these jerks called "The Beast." Oh and the fact that her father called her ugly from the start? Heartbreaking. He's lucky he wasn't around 'cuz I wanted to kick his worthless ass! What parent says that?! From her description, she didn't sound beastly to me but teenagers can be cruel and immediately started thinking how much this could relate to a real life situation.
     Scott the best friend is a guy after my own heart. He's always loved her but the derogation she's known all her life prevents her from really seeing how much he felt.
     Derek! Now I knew this had to happen. It made the whole situation more complex. This love- triangle! He was smooth. I just couldn't like him, not after Scott. Scott had me from the start.
    But the more Derek there was, I just couldn't feel the way I did when I thought he was just the guy keeping two people who should be together apart. I was just like Beth making up all kind of possibilities for his distance, the secret he was keeping.
     It broke my heart and then I suddenly didn't care if she ever found her way to Scott because this guy was suffering through so much. When he told her that he was grateful to Scott for letting him have this time with her, my heart was breaking and I started tearing up. When it finally happened and she let him go, I cried and had to stop reading for a bit.
    I'm writing this review through blurry eyes.
I'll just cry more if I go on too long so I'll just say that this was a beautiful story of two people finding love when they needed it the most. Derek gave Beth everything she'd been looking for and she's able to give parts of herself now that she couldn't before. The author wrote this inspired by someone who actually suffered through Derek's same situation. She said it wasn't directly what happened to the guy she knew but it was in memory to him.
     What got to me was the DESPERATION that Beth felt for him! If it's one thing I dislike is a whiny, clingy heroine. It was a bit unhealthy how much she needed him. I guess that only made it harder for her in the end.

      The thing about her not being able to have kids was a bit much. Hadn't she suffered enough. Now she can't have the cute little babies she wanted?!
     Dislikes aside, this story is a good one because the story is so understandable, not always believable, but I understood.

Picture this, you're a seventeen year old girl who thinks she's hideous since birth and then suddenly you have guys interested in you. Paying you the good kind of attention instead of humiliation. You'd get overwhelmed too. When your life changes in a way that you never thought it would. When things happen that you only thought would exist in your dreams. So much things happened in such a short space of time. To have your whole world turned over on its axis is so overwhelming. She handled herself well in the situation.

If you can overlook the small things that detracted from the story, like I did, you'll see a great story. I won't soon forget it! Books that make me cry tend to stick with me!



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