May 5, 2012

This is how Vampires Should React!

REVIEW: First Bitten (The Alexandra Jones Series) by Samantha Towle

My Thoughts: 4.5/5 stars

     This novel was a refreshing change of pace for me. I enjoyed most of all, Alex's reaction into being turned into a supernatural being that was supposed to be myth and something that shouldn't exist.
     This novel made me emotional too. I'll admit that I get emotional easily, but when a novel affects me, makes me feel something, I feel a contraction in my chest that tells me how involved I've become in the story and that it's so well-written that it's made me emotional,   like I'm experiencing the character's feelings. I felt pain for how much Alex hurt over the lost of her human life and from on the receiving end of cold, hurtful words from Nathan who she was falling for despite his moodiness.
     I liked Alex from the get-go. The way she told off her ex though still in love with him told me right way that she was no doormat heroine. She wasn't going to be a fool for no man.
     The Vârcolac thing was new to me. I'd never heard anyone refer to a half vamp/half were as that. I thought they were just referred to as Hybrids. But I liked the name. It was cool. What was even more real for me in this story was Alex's reactions and emotions.
     Upon finding out what had happened to her, it was like going into shock, she was so emotional, she even said she hated what she was. She grieved endlessly for the lost best-friend and the pseudo-family she'd never see again because as the only living female Vârcolac, she couldn't be discovered or risk becoming a breeder for the kind. While I was reading, I could only think, "That's how a person should react finding out supernatural creatures are real and you just became one." 
     The antagonistic, love/hate relationship between Nathan and Alex is another reason this novel was so great. I just wanted more of them being together, hence the 4.5 and not full 5 stars. It was a page-turner reading them go at each other at every turn and when his brother betrayed them I was like "F8ck no, bitch! You did not just do that!" 
      The end was sad and made me antsy! I hated that Sol didn't make it because I loved his character. I loved the declarations of love from Nathan and Alex, that entire scene. Was ripped up when she still left him though I completely understood why. And I'm antsy because the second book isn't out yet! :(

PS I didn't mind her dyeing her hair because I pictured her as the girl on the cover looking all fierce and the eyes, the blonde description threw me off, the cover drew me to the book. Sad though that she chopped it off.

Awesome book can hardly wait till  is published in June this year not sure about the actual date, got the info from what little it had on Goodreads.

 Oh and a another BTW how hot is this cover. I have it categorized as one of the most beautiful book covers on my FB page!

Happy Reading!!


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