Jun 26, 2012

COVER REVEAL: Reflected in You (Crossfire, #2) by Sylvia Day

Ahhhhhhh! So after reading Bared To You, I found a new hero to obsess over. Gideon Cross! Good lord . . . I want more Gideon and Eva . . .  of course! I can hardly wait until October 2nd! And it's within my birthday month . . . wooohoooo . . . can't get any better than that! This cover is tamed compared to the cover I had gotten on Bared To You before it was changed but I love it nevertheless!

Gideon's initials! Oh I love the cover. Man how I wish it was October already. Can't wait to sink my teeth into this one! I know it's gonna' be good!

You can pre-order it on Amazon now! 

previous cover
This post was originally COVER REVEAL for Deeper into You (Crossfire, #2) but the author has since changed the title to Reflected in You. New Title! 
Me personally, I don't care what it's called, I just can't wait to read it.
Since it was for the same novel, I just re-edited my previous post.

You can check out the Author's Facebook page for more info. 

And her Official Website


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