Jun 26, 2012

An India Grey Legacy Hit!

Craving The Forbidden by India Grey

     A thoroughly enjoyable read from Ms. Grey. Sophie is an unconventional heroine who captures the eye of Kit Fitzroy , the 'girl-friend' of his brother, Jasper. 
     It's a weaving of secrets and lies and seduction. There are quite a few secrets uncovered in this novel with regards to Jasper's and Sophie's relationship and Kit feeling like he wants to covet this woman who he feels is off-limits, Kit uncovers a family secret that turns his world over and in the midst of all this a longing to be loved is fulfilled when these two characters, Kit & Sophie, are brought together. 
     I totally loved that Sophie wasn't your conventional heoine, shy and innocent, she was worldly. She came across like a tart at the start of the novel when she first meets Kit but her character's really just a great friend trying to help out a long-time friend who needed her.
     There is a lot of family drama at the heart of this novel. Betrayal and angst. Kit learns the truth about why his father has always been more indifferent to him to his brother. There is overwhelming sadness with the death in the family and the break in the developing relation with Sophie and Kit. Lots of sexual tension and longing with these two and by the Gods am I glad he caught her before she left. The final scene was satisfying and sweet, a little funny (epilogue). This is a two part story that continues with In Bed with A Stranger.

In Bed With A Stranger by India Grey 

The sequel/finale to the Fitzroy Legacy was filled with major drama and emotions. There were secrets and obstacles on both sides that threatened to keep them apart but they fought through and made it till the end because of their love. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed these two novels. They were both total hits for me!


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