Jul 6, 2012

Official Book Trailer: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Holy Smokes!

Can I just say how fabulous it is that we've gotten a trailer for this book and that the cover models Pepe and Sztella are in it and fogging up my monitor? I wasn't at home all day and I finally saw it just now and I am swooning! Like fanning myself and wishing I was Katy in this video! Oh lordy! It's sooo goood. . . 
This trailer is so hot, it's off the charts, I actually wished it was a full-fledged movie. And do you know what this did to me? It made me even more anxious for Onyx! Oh God, August seems like ages now to get my Daemon Black fix!
The trailer is below for your enjoyment. You'll watch it more than once . . . I know you will ;)
Oooh and remember that Onyx the second in the Lux series is out on AUGUST 14th!

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