Jul 3, 2012

REVIEW: What A Boy Wants (What A Boy Wants, #1) by Nyrae Dawn

5/5 stars!
It was refreshing reading an entire novel from a male point of view. It was a brand new experience for me, a very avid reader, who'd never read a novel entirely from a male's perspective. Girls wanna' know how boys think? Sebastian tells you. From this novel I realized that boys aren't that much more complicated than girls, from Bastian's character. They feel the same things we feel and they really aren't as complicated as we think they are.

Sebastian Hawkins doesn't do relationships. He does hook-ups. He makes no promises and doesn't believe that love lasts. Why would he when his mom hasn't ever had a functional relationship with any man. He calls himself the Hook-Up Doctor. Shhh . . . no one's supposed to know that. He gives advice to 'clients' for a fee of $100. on how to hook-up with the object of their desire. That is until he gets one specific client; PA Rocks . . .

He also develops a problem that even he, Sebastian the- all-knowing, can't solve . . . he falls in love. While helping this latest client Sebastian realizes that he's fallen in love with his BFF (his word not mine) Aspen. He doesn't know what to make of it and he doesn't know if she feels the same.

“I'll be like your bodyguard or something. Me Tarzan. You Jane.” 
― Nyrae Dawn, What A Boy Wants

After a party gone wrong where Bastian has to take Aspen home, he gets his latest email from PA and realizes that his BFF and PA are one in the same and that the guy she wants to hook-up with is him. He tells Aspen or 'Woodstock' as he calls her that he wants to be with her. It's all smiles and roses until he gets a call from his mom telling him that she and her latest bf had ended things. In a rash decision based on fear and what Sebastian thinks is nobility, he ends the relationship that had developed between him and Aspen and gets a bombshell of his own . . . she wasn't really trying to hook-up with him but Matt, a guy she worked with. Nothing could hurt him worst.

I found it amusing and interesting how like a girl Bastian acted. Eating ice-cream ad watching romantic movies. He was gone, head over heels for this girl. The tables had turned because suddenly Sebastian 'know-it-all Hawkins didn't have all the answers. He needed help! They eventually make up after Sebastian in a very heartfelt gesture (totally loved that moment) scaled her trellis and came through her window, on his knees asking her forgiveness.

This was such a great read. I can't wait to read Jayden and Priscilla's story next. This was a fun, fast read. One of the best for 2012. Another off my Summer Reading Challenge!

I making a list for that. The best novels I've read in 2012. I think I'll do that at the end of summer .  . . :)

100% would recommend to anyone! Happy Reading peeps!

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