Jul 4, 2012

This is How I Like My Romance!

Here are three terrifically written Mills & Boon novels for July 2012. The romance, sexual tension and just plainly well-executed plot-lines that kept me reading till I was done and eager for more. These for me were novels that couldn't be put down.

The Secrets She Carried by Lynne Graham

Lynne Graham has always been one of my favorites and her latest has been no disappointment. The story was riddled with angst and so much tension, of the sexual kind too. It was just a plain winner.
Basically Greek Tycoon Christophe Donakis had an affair with his employee Erin Turner and cut her loose and she couldn't even contact him when she . . . (gasp) turned up pregnant. Yes we've read some of these romances with story-lines like this one but damn if I still couldn't put it down.
I loved how even when the hero felt like he hated the heroine (seeing her with someone else-misreading the situation) he's still filled with jealousy and an underlying possessiveness that he wouldn't acknowledge.
The hero basically thought the heroine was a liar and a thief, someone who he trusted and cared a great deal for who betrayed him. As is mostly true for these novels, the hero would believe anyone but the heroine until he finds out just how wrong he'sbeen and the big bomshell- she's the mother of his children. Yes, children! She had twins after he kicked her to the curb and the whole parting was engineered by someone trying to break them apart.
Terrific story! I loved it!
5/5 stars

The Tarnished Jewel of Jazaar by Susanna Carr

First off, how gorgeous is this cover? I thought initially from seeing the cover that this was going to be an IR novel. I love those but it wasn't . . . no sad faces here because this was a strong Harlequin debut from author Susanna Carr. Without making it too spoilery, I really loved the chemistry between Nadir and Zoe, how  they both had issues, him being called 'The Beast' and her family practically selling her to him. I connected well with both characters and completely admired the hero's loyalty to his new wife even if she wasn't what he expected. Great story!
4/5 stars

To Love, Honour and Betray by Jennie Lucas

Oh I loved this story! I've gotten so many new and very good M&B novels this month. I look forward to new releases every month! This one was no different. The basis of this novel is this; Callie thought that she'd found her perfect guy in her boss Eduardo until he took her virginity and kicked her out the next day. He also made sure that when he fired her, she couldn't get another job anywhere else. Callie soon found out that she was pregnant with his baby. 
8 months later we find Callie waiting her transport, almost nine-moths pregnant in a second-hand wedding dress on her way to marry her best friend Brandon whom she'd some to rely on throughout her pregnancy. Who shows up right before her fiancee does? None other than Eduardo and he knows she's pregnant. Our Spanish hero practically kidnaps her . . . forcibly shoving her into his car and taking her to his home, cutting off all contact with her family (she isn't allowed to make any phone calls) and especially with Brandon who he believes she's in love with. 
The hero was obsessed basically with her not wanting to chance anyone taking her away . . . it was kinda sweet really if you like heroes with a possible latent stalker tendency. He was forceful and controlling and didn't let her have any choice. He was so possessive of her that he didn't even post her letters to her family and Brandon but made them assume she wanted nothing to do with them. I won't ramble on but I will say that this is a really great read so check it out!
4.5/5 stars

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