Aug 16, 2012

REVIEW: Avoiding Commitment (Avoiding #1) by K.A. Linde

Rating : 4.5/5 stars

     Holy Toledo! I Abso-fucking-lutely loved this novel. It was a roller-coaster ride of EPIC proportions and I was more than eager to be along for the ride. This is hands down probably the most emotionally- engaging novel I've read this year! There was just so much emotions; pain, loss, anger, deceit, disappointment, gosh I could go on and on.
     The story surrounds Jack Howard and Alexa 'Lexi' Walsh and their completely dysfunctional or rather unconventional relationship or lack thereof.
They met in college and started 'dating.' I use the term dating loosely because not long after Jack completely blindsides a besotted Lexi by telling her he has a girlfriend. He's had this girlfriend since high-school.
     So I must back up a bit and tell you how the novel started, Jack has called Lexi whom he hasn't spoken with for a year and asks her to come to Atlanta and help him convince his current girlfriend that he's capable of committing to her.
     What's a girl to do. She goes of course and discovers that Bekah is not even close to the type of girl that she ever envisions Jack to be with . . . 
     The story alternates back and forth from present to past chronically Jack and Lexi's 'relationship' throughout the years helping you to understand how they got to the place they now are in their lives. As much as I abhor cheating in real-life and in novels, sometimes it's a deal-breaker for me, I couldn't dislike a thing about this story because it was weaved so carefully, so perfectly, engaging the reader from start to finish. You were never bored and you felt like it had roped you in so tight that your emotions became involved as well. I just couldn't stop reading!

Lexi: To some she may have seemed weak, always giving into Jack's every whim, but I completely understood her. Her character enveloped me from the start and I felt every emotion, every hurt and disappointment right along with her. She just loved him so much, such an all-consuming possessive love. She couldn't resist a thing about him and she melted for him every time because she loved him so much and felt in her heart and soul, to her bones, that they would somehow be together, somehow! I sympathized with her wholly because I knew she was so far gone over him that she'd never see reason when it came to him. She deserved someone, a love, so much better than that and she was blind to it because he eclipsed every rational thought when he was around. She really told him in the end and I was so proud. He needed to hear that and she needed to say it!

Jack: I didn't hate him, somehow, I couldn't! Don't know why, I just couldn't. Throughout I kept hoping he'd man up to the feelings he kept expressing to Lexi and do right by her but he left me seething and disappointed at the same time, every time. The guy was  simply pathological, he didn't seem to see anything wrong in cheating on his girlfriends with Lexi. After the first time, he'd promised he'd never lie to her again but he was never completely honest with her. What kind of guy asks the girl he supposedly has been in love with for five years, to reassure his current girlfriend about his commitment to their relationship? A man who really doesn't know what he wants, I think. A man who really isn't capable of an honest relationship.

Jack & Lexi: When they were together, it seemed like every thing was as it should be. They were on fire when they were together. There was so much passion, so much emotions, so much need and want and lusty looks. Lexi just could never resist the temptation that Jack presented. He was always like some forbidden fruit that she shouldn't eat but couldn't help it because it looked too good! From his chiseled good-looks to his shaggy brown locks and oh-so baby blues!

“I did those things because of my lack of control. When you touch me Jack, I completely succumb to you. I give into your every whim.” 
― K.A. Linde, Avoiding Commitment

     He kept her trapped in their non-relationship when he should've just let her go. All they did was hurt each other and the trust between them was severely lacking, I mean of course it would be. Bekah though I didn't like her at all was right in some of  the things she said to Lexi at the end. If Jack really loved her, the way she loved him, he would have made a way for them to be together. Really be together. She was always the 'other woman.'
Their relationship was too dysfunctional, the back and forth, the lying and deceit, the pain and heart-break could have been avoided if Jack had just done right by my girl Lexi. Throughout I'd kept hoping that Lexi and Jack would end up together but as the story came closer and closer to it's final chapter, I didn't want them together anymore. It didn't feel right.

Ramsey and Bekah: I totally adored Ramsey and loathed Bekah completely. Ramsey is just too delish! I'm so glad he and Lexi hit it off because I shipped 'Rexi'! ( not sure if it's a cute enough name but I just love them together and can't wait read more of the two in "Avoiding Responsibility.") Bekah on the other hand, had an air of falsity from the start and I just never trusted her, she was just too perfect, too cheery. Something had to be up. 

I'll just say that this terrific author takes you on a journey through this story that you won't soon forget. I know I won't!  While I read this novel, I felt like I wouldn't have the words to describe how good this novel was and how it got to me, and it really did. It was just a flat-out winner! A MUST READ!

Happy Reading!

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