Aug 26, 2012

REVIEW: My Heart for Yours by Jolene Perry & Steph Campbell

     Absolutely fell in love with this story. It made my heart ache for both Tobin and Delia. They were such likable, relatable characters and the power of their love, was heart-warming. I took an emotional journey with these two characters and it's honestly on my list for best of 2012. This was a terrific collaboration. I couldn't possibly have given it anything less than the 5 stars it rightfully deserved.
     The emotions between our hero and heroine were gripping. My chest was in constant hard-to-breathe mode whenever Tobin and Delia were together. The circumstances of their reunion weren't stellar but they both needed that reunion to get closure. To deal with the issues they had left gaping when she moved away.

“When she left, it was like someone had ripped my heart out, crumbled it up like a flimsy piece of loose leaf paper and crammed it back into my chest. It somehow managed to work, but it would never, ever feel the same.” 
― Steph Campbell, My Heart for Yours

     I loved reading the story from both their POVs. I feel like you get closer to the characters when you can read what they're feeling. You connect more with the character and the story, the emotions are that much stronger. Both authors did a great job for each of our protagonist's side of the story. 

     Their little game was utterly endearing . . . sigh.

“My heart for yours," he offers.
― Jolene B. Perry, My Heart for Yours

    All in all, it was a sweetly intense story that made me believe in first love, true love. These two were obviously meant for each other. So many obstacles tried to keep them apart but through that time, Tobin never stopped loving Delia. He never looked at another girl and the sweetest thing, kept her grandmother's resting place clean and visiting her all through the year Delia was gone, even though he didn't have to.
     A truly touching and emotional story of a lasting love. It makes you believe in love. True love doesn't die. These two authors together as I said before were pure magic together because this story stuck with me for the days following my completion and I still  am thinking about it. It's definitely a novel that should be on your MUST-READ list!

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