Aug 13, 2012

REVIEW: The Right to Remain Mine by Linda Kage

Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
     Absolutely loved it! A great novel, well-written. Solid plot and most importantly; very likable characters. A great addition to my keeper-shelf, a novel I'd definitely recommend. I'm so glad I added this one to my Summer Challenge List! 
     First off, the hero is a sinfully sexy Deputy, divorcee. He's arrogant, he's rude but he's downright sexy and Willow DeVane knows it. Raith Malloy can't can't help but want this gorgeous woman even though she's a lawyer, comes from a family of lawyers. She's just too much for him to resist.
    He tries but fails miserably in trying not to want the sexy lawyer and she just can't resist the hunky cop even though they dislike each other intensely and get on each other's last nerve, the two can't resist the force of the sexual tension and chemistry that simmer in the air whenever they're near one another.
    After Willow is attacked by a client, Raith volunteers to give her self-defense guidance so that she can defend herself in a similar situation should it arise. It's all well and good until they can't fight their attraction anymore and give into their passion, starting a steamy affair and burning up the sheets.
     The two are guarded, each trying to protect themselves from potential heartbreak by not making their tryst seem important or emotional. But they can't help it, the more time they spend around each other the less they can hide what they know are brewing between them.

"I'm going to marry that boy someday," she declared. 
-Right to Remain Mine, Linda Kage

     Everything changes when after one passion-filled night changes everything and allows them to be more open and share with each other, their insecurities and eventually concede their love. But Raith not only has to worry about his future with his beautiful attorney but a crazed stalker that wants to kill her . . .
Great novel, Raith is the definition of my type of hero, who could resist a man in uniform? and Willow was a truly every likable heroine. A next one off the Summer Challenge list!

Happy Reading!


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