Aug 13, 2012

REVIEW: Tale of Three Hearts Series by Sienna Mynx

Aiden's Game by Sienna Mynx

     This is the first if two novels involving three pivotal characters, Daisy Johnson, Peter 'Pete' Doyle and Aiden Keane. I'll just start by saying that I really wanted to give this book more than the 3.5/5 stars that I did give it but really two out of the three characters just made it very hard for me to change my mind.
     So let's start from the top, Daisy and Pete are a couple, an engaged couple making a stop in Vegas before they get married. It's here where everything goes wrong for this very sweet couple. I really liked Daisy and Pete together and I felt like it truly helped the story by hearing both their POVs. Pete really loved Daisy and it seemed like she genuinely felt the same for him . . . that is until they meet Aiden Keane. 
     Until they play a game that changes everything . . .
I'll just say that I thought Aiden was a sick son-of -a bitch! Seriously, who tries to ruin the lives of a happy couple just because they're bored and one half of that couple is very attractive to you? He really had no scruples. No heart really!
So what was his sordid game, you ask? Well, he saw a poor couple trying to make it and he took advantage. See the bride-to- be had stars in her eyes! Too much stars if you ask me because her morals just went right out the window at the opportunity to get one million dollars! Daisy felt shallow and materialistic to me in everything she would say that I really had no respect for her and just felt pity for Pete who only wanted to make her happy.
      Poor Pete! That's all I could think. He signed a contract to give Aiden his woman for 24hrs. in exchange for the one mil. which was really what Daisy wanted. And Pete just wants her to be happy. How could she ever think it okay for  her man, her fiancee, to give her to another man who wanted to sleep with her. The way Pete loved this girl, she was just not deserving of him. 
       With Aiden, gosh I swore the scheming would never end! He just didn't seem to give a damn about the young couple's lives her was destroying with his sick game! And Pete's pride was just squashed every time he was around.
      As you can probably guess, Aiden's game ruined Daisy and Pete's relationship and Aiden got exactly what he wanted or did he? He wanted Daisy but she skipped out on him.
     The novel ends with an epilogue that hints of the next novel.
     Though I didn't give it more stars, this novel was an intriguing one. It kept me reading even though I really disliked Daisy and Aiden throughout. Ms. Mynx really can tell a story! It was filled with so much drama and twists that I just had to read the sequel regardless . . .

Daisy's Choice by Sienna Mynx

I rate Ms Mynx's sequel to a very drama filled series 4/5 stars. It was well-written and enough drama to have you squirming, wanting to pull your hair out over character decisions. There was just so much going on with Pete and Aiden and Daisy. So much drama and so many people involved. 
There was a little less of the love-triangle in this one than the first because when this novel starts up, Pete is in a steady relationship with Nina whom he went to high-school with when Daisy suddenly reappears after her father takes ill and subsequently passes on. There is the added drama that Daisy has a daughter and doesn't know who her child's father is; Pete or Aiden. Aiden is relentless in his deep obsession with Daisy and even though Pete still harbored unresolved feelings for Daisy, he was content enough with Nina that his main concern was finding out if Daisy's child was his.
     One thing that got to me was how quickly Aiden's attraction in "Aiden's Game" turned into a full-blow crazy, stakerific obsession with her that he spent not a few months but five years searching for her. His feelings for someone he'd only spent one night with previously felt a little unbelievable. To be that obsessed over someone you barely knew made his character seem a bit unstable.
     He was still playing games and up to his old tricks, scheming and making things happen to suit his purposes. I came to realize that he and Daisy definitely deserved each other in this novel. No matter how crazy and dysfunctional and angsty they seemed together, they deserved each other totally. When you read it you'll see what I mean. She and Pete wouldn't have worked as a couple. They were just too different. 
     The story ended in a place where everyone ends up happy but hinted at a third novel as Aiden has information- important information- that could change everything for everyone. 
Great story! I always enjoy this author's work as it keeps you reading. You can put it down. It's like watching your favorite soap opera on a loop!

Happy Reading Everyone!


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