Sep 9, 2012

REVIEW: Blood, Bath & Beyond by Michelle Rowen

     Sarah Dearly is back, better than ever and still can't keep out of trouble! 5/5 stars!
     When we last left Sarah, she and Thierry had just gotten engaged and they'd triumphed over Gideon Chase. Now everyone is moving on with their lives and Sarah feels  . . . I'm not sure if abandoned is the right word but I'll keep it. Then Thierry springs the news that he's taking a position with The Ring, one that he can't refuse and Sarah feels that abandonment even more and they decide that she's going with him . . . to Vegas.
     When they get there is where trouble really starts. In this novel, the trouble isn't exactly Sarah-centric like the "Immortality Bites" novels, but being Sarah, she finds trouble anyway.
     First there's a vampire serial killer leaving a trail of bodies behind him and then there is Thierry's investigation of a little vampire child and to make things worst, Thierry becomes the prime suspect in a murder of one of the Ring's alum.
     What's a girl to do when her guy's in trouble that might end in him turning to a stain on the floor, she tries to prove his innocence of course! And in true Sarah fashion, she winds up in trouble that almost gets her killed.
      I really loved this novel, so much. It was different from the previous Sarah Dearly novels but there were some things that still remained true. Sarah wasn't lacking in her quick wit and sarcastic commentary and stubbornness. Thierry was still his sexy self even in his smoldering, enigmatic way. 
     The mystery was definitely there because I didn't even guess at who turned out to be the serial killer and the real killer of the murder Thierry was accused. It was a constant guessing game with many suspects.
     I loved how Sarah stuck by her man no matter what even when at the start she had doubts of them lasting. Every time, Thierry just expected her to leave, to be done with him but no! Not Sarah. She loved him so much even if he was hundreds of years older than her mere months and sometimes over-bearing and hard to read and he loved her in just the same way even if he wasn't always expressive with it. The moments between them were savored.
     I loved the new characters introduced in this novel especially the little Pageant Queen. She was so likable and I totally cracked up every time she called Sarah "puppy" because she hated it so much. For a fledgling vamp, Sarah sure had lots to deal with in the short time of her immortal life.
     A great start to an incredible new series, I can't wait to read "Bled and Breakfast" which is coming soon. More Sarah Dearly? SIGN ME UP!


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