Oct 18, 2012

REVIEW: Down To You by M. Leighton

This novel was a good one! The first I think I've read by this author and definitely won't be the last. It was a good read, fun, fast paced and I read it in one sitting! I gave it 4/5 stars. Though it was a good read, I have to say the names Cash and Nash didn't really endear me.
     So what happens from the outset is that Olivia Townsend meets Cash Davenport at a bachelorette party where she thought he was the stripper but turned out to be the owner of the club they were inhabiting that night. How embarrassing right? Because she totally started to strip him at the coaxing of the other women only to realize her mistake after she'd divested him f his shirt and ogled his bod.
     The next morning, she wakes up to see Cash with her cousin and roommate Marissa only to find out that he's not Cash from the club but Nash Davenport, Cash's twin-brother who's an attorney.
     Olivia has moments with both brothers at the start and she realizes that she's very attracted and aware of both Cash and Nash. Nash is the type of guy that she wants to be with. The perfect kind of guy but he's taken, by her cousin. Cash is exactly the type of guy that she should avoid because bad-boy types are a bad choice for that good girl. 
     The sex scenes were hot but I have to admit, it was a bit careless of Olivia not to know which brother she slept with the first time. I mean yeah, they're twins but she didn't want to know which one it was. But I have to admit, that scene was the best one for me. How he came in in the dark of the night into her bedroom. Hot!
     Though the ending could have been a surprise when Olivia found out what the brothers were hiding, I started to actually figure something like that was going on. The epilogue left no uncertainty that there will be a second novel and I look forward to reading it. Recommended read if you like hot twins with a possessive streak! Check it out!

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