Nov 28, 2012

REVIEW: Disastrous (Disastrous, #1) by E.L. Montes

First off the cover of this book was unbelievably beautiful. I pictured the girl on the cover as Mia the entire time. That said, I had mixed feelings about this book throughout but ultimately I really liked and enjoyed it and can't wait for more.

The story grabbed me from the prologue. What a way to really engage your reader and really grip you so that you know you need to find out what the hell had happened to spur the events of the prologue. I know I couldn't turn away. I needed to know.

Mia is an extremely intelligent young woman whose just finished her first year in Law school and has been entered into an externship position for the summer with DeLuca Law Firm. This opportunity was usually given to third year students but because of her skills and talent she was recommended by her professor.

Mia is described as someone who has a hard time trusting men in particular yet her only friend is a male and one she'd been in a strictly sexual relationship for some months. She hadn't had any luck in previous relationships. She hasn't had the gift of  a mother to help her through the difficult times. Her father died when she was very young leaving her older brother to take care of her. Then her brother dies a few months earlier and well you can she why she'd jaded when it comes to men.

I understood how she was able to be comfortable with and trust Jeremy though because he was there for her when she needed him and proven himself a trustworthy friend. They had a very close relationship and lived together.

Things really pick up when she meets Marcus DeLuca, her prospective boss and very sexy, successful attorney. Marcus is beautiful, he's kind and he's instantly taken with her like no other woman. Even wanting a relationship with her when he never had before with anyone else. But Marcus has a dark side and it's hinted at repeatedly in dodgy meetings with his brother and 'Uncle Lou' and his constant late night 'jobs.'

I'm just going to be blunt and say that Mia was really naive and just a bit too much of a pushover when it came to Marcus. Yea, she couldn't resist him and just the sight of him unhappy makes her cave, but babe when you find out that your man is not only a high profile attorney but one that's working for a infamous mafia family and organizing drug and gun cartels, you fucking ask questions. I feel like she too easily brushed over the fact that Marcus was doing something illegal and dangerous.

He comes home covered in the blood of someone he just killed and you're going to leave him but when he admits that he was suicidal and desperately in love with you and can't bear to lose you, you  cave and sleep with him. I could maybe understand that desperate love that you can't let go no matter what he does but she just didn't think and whenever they would argue, they wouldn't talk things out, they'd have sex instead. How that fixed anything I really didn't know.

“Being with Marcus DeLuca was draining, frustrating, confusing, and extraordinary all at the same time." Mia

And when it boiled down to it, that's exactly what their relationship was - Disastrous.  It was very dysfunctional and even when it seemed like they really shouldn't be together  they found a way because of the desperate nature of their feelings for each other. A desperate, obsessive even dangerous love that neither could let go off.

I didn't hate Marcus though. Not by a long shot. I was just trying my damnedest to figure out WTF was going on with him, his brother and Uncle Lou. See even though I got mad at Mia for not probing enough into Marcus' secret life, I felt that there was more there than what we would have thought. I have my theories about what Marcus' reasoning is for working with Lou, for why he can't leave,  but I'll wait for the next book to see if I'm right.

That said, I really thought Mia was a bit rash, not letting Marcus explain when she found his files on her brother. She ran out of there like a bat out of hell and I get she felt betrayed and her trust in him took a lashing but she could have let him explain.

I will say though that Marcus had me when he made his declaration to her in the pouring rain. I had my ups and downs with his character, liking him at times and then being pissed at him for being dodgy but that scene right there redeemed him in my eyes. For now. 

“That’s what love is … It’s scary not knowing what’s expected, but I know it’ll be the best frightening love we’ve ever had.” - Marcus

The epilogue also further cemented my thoughts about Marcus' involvement with Lou. There's definitely something  there that we're not getting yet and I'm excited for the next book, Cautious which is said to be released May 23rd 2013. Gosh, so far though.

I enjoyed the bonus scene. You got to see inside Marcus' head for a bit and I liked him a bit more for it. There's nothing that melts me more than a hero who is so desperately in love with the heroine that he'd do anything for her and anything to be with her and Marcus was that kind of hero and I liked him more for it. That little glimpse in his head made me want to know more from his POV though. But I enjoyed that little treat nevertheless.

4/5 stars

Totally check out this book. It's worth the read. Definitely a change of pace from my usual read. And trust me that's a good thing because I'm all about mixing it up ;)
Marking my calender for the next release!

Nov 27, 2012

REVIEW: Devoured (Devoured, #1) by Emily Snow

OMG! If Lucas Wolfe asked me to give him ten days, I'd agree right away!

First off, This cover is freaking gorgeous. I've seen these models on several books but I think this one's my favourite. All those tats, he looks unbelievably sexy. I'd been waiting to read this for a while now.It's on my list of MUST READS. I finally got some time to read it and I wasn't disappointed. Well maybe a little, because for 1. I wanted my own sexy dominant rock-star and 2. there's gonna' be a next book and I have to wait for it. :(

But I loved this one. Lucas was one of those characters that made me love rock-star books more. He was sexy and demanding and he freaking knew how to get what he wanted and what he wanted in this case was Sienna Jensen. The woman who two years earlier left him after she refused to let him tie her to his bed.

But fate has other plans for these two. I'm pretty sure Sienna never thought she'd see Lucas again. She saw him in magazines and on TV but even though she still thought about what happened between the two of them those fateful years ago. I doubt she thought she'd see him again.

But when her brother calls and tells her that he grandmother's beloved house is being foreclosed, she takes time off from work to go be with her grandmother and see if she could help in any way. What she didn't bank on was that Lucas Wolfe, sexy rock god was the one buying her grandmother's house.

Lucas seeing Sienna again makes him want her just like he had two years ago. He freaking dominant but Sienna doesn't think she's submissive enough for him, or is she?

Employing deceptive techniques, Lucas and his sister get Sienna to agree to a deal. She'll be his personal assistant for ten days and after those ten days, she'll get her grandmother's house back. She agrees after some reluctance.

They have smoking chemistry and Sienna really can't resist his charm for long. I really wouldn't know how to either. 

I really enjoyed Lucas' character. He was sexy, demanding and he knew just how to get what he wanted by putting the decision in Sienna's hands. She had to submit to him. He ran a bit hot and cold with her and he had unresolved issues in his personal life that inevitably fueled their departure from each other again.

But damn if he didn't make up for it with that song and how that entire scene was orchestrated. It was so romantic and damn . . . where's my sexy rock-star serenading me when he messes up? *pouts*

A terrific book! MUST-READ guys! I an't wait for Consumed (book 2).
There's also a another book All Over You (#0.5) that I think is TBR at the end of this month.

I'm looking forward to more from these series and this author! 

All Over You
(Devoured, #0.5)

Nov 18, 2012

REVIEW: Come Away with Me (With Me In Seattle #1) by Kristen Proby

                Oh Luke

Okay I am seriously about to start a gush-fest over Luke Williams. He was the dreamiest thing ever! *insert fan-girl voice here* ;)

Sidebar to say this book cover is so hot and the novel is even hotter. Steam from cover to cover.  Need some AC while reading this one. The hero and heroine really burned up the sheets in this one.

I'm always looking for new books even though I don't always have the time to read them and I'm so glad I read the blurb and got this one. It really was terrific for a debut novel. The characters were very likable, lovable (LUKE!) and even the secondary characters, the development of the relationship and each character individually. Very well executed. I had no complaints except maybe that I'm excited for the next one in this series.

I usually go all spoilery in my reviews because I simply can't help. I'll try not to be too much of a spoiler.

Natalie Conner is an orphaned woman with man-issues. She's never been in a relationship and only ever has physical relations with men after an incident that occurred when she was younger. Don't judge though, she's anything but promiscuous. Just wary. She made mistakes but she doesn't let it get her down.

She beautiful, well gorgeous. She's curvy, has a Kardashian-esque backside (her words not mine) which makes her self-conscious about her image. She's very talented though. A brilliant photographer. Her skill is undeniable.

She meets Luke Williams while on the beach taking photos of the ocean. He thinks she's taking his picture and very angrily asks her to hand over the camera. She thinks he's trying to rob her. It's all a misunderstanding cuz' Luke's like famous but she hasn't a clue who the hell he is. Taken aback by her obvious lack of awareness of his status, he's intrigued by Natalie and another chance encounter brings these two  together.

Luke's an actor, or at least he used to be until all the fame got to him and he realized that it wasn't worth it. He wasn't happy with that life. So he produces now, behind the scenes stuff. Meeting Natalie is like a breath of fresh air for him. He can just be him and not worry about her wanting him for all the wrong reasons. He's been burned before.

The attraction between the two is undeniable. It's like a irrepressible force in the room when they're near each other. And those love scenes aplenty? So freaking sexay! (not a word but um . . . it works!)

Luke! Oh Luke! He has to be the dreamiest (I've already said that) hero I've ever  . . . read. Gosh he was so sweet and kind and his heart, the most beautiful part of him. He's off the charts hot too so that doesn't hurt with his unruly blonde hair and come to bed blue eyes. Oh and this man know his way around a woman's body. Ask Nat. She'll agree. ;) Oh and did I mention this man can cook. Look out Iron Chef, Luke's a-coming! Did I mention he has a crazy possessive, jealous streak? It was kinda' endearing. Hell everything about Luke screamed perfect package! *SIGH*

“He could melt glaciers with that smile. End wars. Resolve the national debt crisis.”
―  Come Away With Me

How could I forget that he talks dirty in a way that makes you wanna' melt. Oh my, perfect package indeed-y!

“Because you're the first woman I've brought into my home and all I can think about is getting your beautiful body naked and f&#king you senseless. I need to know if there is any competition. I don't share, Natalie.” 
―  Come Away With Me

The things he would do for her. If more men apologized like Luke did, we'd probably have a lower divorce rate. He was infinitely kind and loving towards Natalie and her friend Jules. (Can't wait for Jules and Nate's book). 

     “I've fallen in love with a beautiful, sexy, sweet, jealous control freak.” 

―  Come Away With Me

His family was just as  nice with the exception of his very rude sister Samantha. Now I'm all about coming to a sibling's defense and defending their honor  good intentions and all that. But was it just me or was Sam a little to hostile towards Natalie. I mean if she was a bitter ex-gf I would be more inclined to understand her bizarre behavior towards her brother's girl. I know he's been burnt but her reaction was a bit too strong.

A terrific story. I enjoyed it from start to finish. Wonderful characters. Did I mention the heroine had numerous script tattoos? No I didn't? Well she did. How's that for a change from sexily tattooed heroes. (Not that I'm bored with that. Bring em' on ;)

No angst, Nearly zero drama. It was a purely swoon-worthy read with an equally swoon-worthy hero and a very beautiful strong heroine. Can't wait for Jules' and Nate's story!

I tried not to be too spoilery. As you can see, I really can't help it!

Happy Reading Book-o-holics! ( Like me!)

4.5/5 stars!

Nov 17, 2012

REVIEW: The Proposition by Katie Ashley

When can I get the sequel? Is it premature that I'm asking for the sequel without having told you how awesome this book is? It really was. I enjoyed it from start to finish but then I have one regret. I should have waited to read this one. Should have waited till the sequel came out because it left me with a major cliffhanger and now i have to WAIT! :(

So this story is about Emma Harrison, all she really wants is a baby. But her fiancee died and then her mom died and well, this girl has been through some tough times. She asked her bff Connor to donate to the cause but his partner is against it.

One night after work whens he and Connor are arguing, Aiden Fitzgerald the new VP overhears and steps in thinking Emma needed rescuing. She agrees to have a drink with him against her better judgement (he's known as the office player). She lets him in and tells him her whole predicament.

Aiden, ever the opportunist, sees a way for them both to get what they want. He's wanted Emma ever since the office Christmas party whens he turned him down flat.

The Proposition? He'll father her child but it has to be done naturally.  

“Is this one of those contracts like in that kinky book where we outline what we're willing to do or not do during sex? Like our hard limits and safe words?” 
― The Proposition

Emma agrees after much thought and a conference with her best friend Casey. They decide on when to meet and where. But what happens when Emma starts to get emotionally invested? When Aiden does things that make her melt?

I really really loved Aiden. Katie wrote him perfectly though his character was far from perfect. Aiden doesn't do commitment. He doesn't do love or marriage. He has a history of self-sabotage when it comes to emotions and relationships. But with Emma, the lines are blurring and he feels things for her that makes him shake in his boots.

He's becoming more involved with her and he can't help it. What changes everything? When he meets her family. Swear I laughed hard when she left him to talk to her Granddad. He was so ready to pass out from fear. It was hilarious!

But when Aiden realizes he's in love with Emma and she's in love with him, he starts pulling away. Slowly detaching himself from her and the baby. He becomes colder, more unreachable that he'd been in previous months. He can't cope with what he's feeling for her and he cowardly runs away from it. It was ironic that he told Emma that she puts herself down and doesn't see herself clearly when Aiden does the exact same thing to himself not thinking he can do the whole relationship thing.

What he does at the end really makes me want to smack him though. I still love him but boy went and did something seriously stupid and douche-y. He almost hooks up with another woman hoping to let go of what he's feeling for Emma but he couldn't do it. She meant to much. That still didn't prevent Emma from walking in and catching him in the almost-act. He screwed up big-time and I need to see him atone like yesterday.

I seriously can't wait for The Proposal, the sequel.

I recommend this novel for EVERYONE! It's a really great read!

4.5/5 stars 

The Proposal

The Sequel to 

The Proposition.

COMING January 5th, 2013!

Nov 15, 2012

Should Come with a WARNING Label!

REVIEW: Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Oh God! I sitting here thinking, 'what the hell did I just read?' I feel like I'm hungover because I cried so much that my head hurts. This book hurt like hell. I don't think I was ever so affected so much. It's a testament to the author's story-telling. It was a very good novel. By no means bad but I just, gosh! It hurt! I feel like I'm going to be thinking about this book for a long time.

The story is about Harper, she's a marine's daughter and she's moved away for college. She's thoroughly inexperienced in every way so this was a time for experimentation and well, taking chances for her. She's never been kissed, never been on a date or even to a mall. Can you believe that? But she's a marine kid so it's understandable.

She gets her first boyfriend and quickly falls head over heels for him - Brandon. But there's just one problem, she can't seem to stay away or not be affected by her roommate Breanna's brother Chase. Chase is all kinds of sexy and tatted up but the way he is with women, she knows they'll never be right for each other. Brandon on the other hand is a gentleman and she could see herself having a future with him.

What happens when she can't resist Chase and in a sort space of time, changes everything? She basically loses her virginity to Chase and ends up pregnant forcing her to tell Brandon what happened and ending their relationship. She and Chase then give their relationship a try.

Man, Chase! Let me just say that no character has made me feel like I felt about Chase. Brandon was a pretty okay guy but he just wasn't Chase. His character developed into one of the most lovable heroes and I was Team Chase all through. From the very start. I wanted them to be together. To get married and raise their baby together. The things he would say to her made me freaking melt. The way this guy loved her, hurt my heart. Seriously!

But then the twist, the turning point of the story. Swear I'm tearing up while I write this. Chase died! He freaking died in a car accident after some stupid slutty girl tried to break him and Harper up. God! One minute they're arguing and he's trying to make her trust and believe in him and the next minute, he's dead! Fuck! Sorry! Gosh, I cried so hard. I just couldn't take it. I just keep replaying his last words to her in my head and crying.

"I love you, Princess" - Chase

She didn't say it back. And it kills me because I knew she loved him but when he died they weren't in a good place. I got a freaking headache from crying so much. Couldn't sleep. I can't believe how invested I became in this story. I had to stop reading for a while unsure if I could finish the book. But I continued and cried more because it just kept reminding me of what could have been. I just had to stop again. 

This book freaking wrecked me and I'm not sure if I'll get over it. Right now I feel like crying again because damn, if she didn't end up with Chase he could have had his own HEA right? I seriously fell in love with him and my keyboard is blurring cuz' I'm crying again. He never got to see his baby and worst off, he died thinking he'd f-ed everything. 

Harper has her HEA with Brandon. Is it bad that I seriously didn't care much for him? It sounds bad but Chase was the guy for Harper, from my POV. Okay, I'm being petty because Brandon really loved her too and he was an upstanding guy. He even loved her baby even though he wasn't the father.

One part that had me bawling was when Brandon was telling the baby about Chase and how much he loved him (the baby) and Harper. And the end scene when they visited the grave and he thanked Chase for his part in their family.

I'm emotionally wrung out and I feel a bit empty. Who knew you could feel so much from a fictitious story, right? I didn't. But I feel it. I feel so much. I need to read a novel now that's not heavy on the feelings. It's just too soon!

I had a love/hate relationship with this book. I love it at moments especially Chase and Harper's first time, Brandon and Harper's wedding. And hated it so much at times, Chase dying. The abruptness of Chase's death seared me but I think I realize now that she was meant to be with Brandon. I may not have liked it but I get it, (I think). I'm still not sure how I feel about this book overall. It was good but I don't know if I loved it or hated it. Like I said, love/hate relationship.

UPDATE *** So I told my friend about this book and she totally helped me to see that the author didn't cut Chase out from us. He was with us straight through because we never forgot him. Even with our rants. He was not far from Harper either and I finally saw that. He was her first time. Gave her her first child and his design is tattooed on her skin for life. 

If you're going to read this, keep tissues handy! I soaked my top crying like a baby!

4/5 stars

Nov 14, 2012

REVIEW: The Boss's Fake Fiancee by Inara Scott

Such a pleasant surprise, this read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and finished it quite quickly actually. A really romantic story mixed in with some heavy commitment issues, an over-protective family, science and computers, a jerk ex-boyfriend and an unexpected love stemming from a fake relationship.

It was fun at times, sad in between but overall a romantic contemporary read about a young woman who in a moment of self-preservation, to save face, implies that she's involved with her boss to her ex to make him jealous. They both work for competing institutions and Melissa Bencher just couldn't stand the smug bitter words of her cheating ex.

Things go horribly awry when a tabloid reports that the two are engaged. Garth Solen's grandmother is ill and very pleased and excited at this news. He is at a lost to convince her otherwise and so asks Melissa to play along for a while as it would also aid his investment opportunity for a new project.

Melissa agrees, her family's breathing down her neck for answers. Garth comes across as cold and unemotional nicknamed, 'the human computer' Melissa isn't quite sure how this will work. The two however are fooling themselves because they are both attracted to each other.

In the following weeks Melissa sees a side of Garth that she's never seen before and when he smiles, well he's hard to resist. What she didn't count on was falling in love with her boss.

I really loved Garth. he was a different kind of hero for me but equally as irresistible. I loved his eccentric housekeeper and his 'Nan' who wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise about his situation with Melissa and just told him how she 'saw' it. Melissa's family was frustrating at times but that just showed how much they cared. We get an update on Tori and Brit from "Rules of Negotiation."

I enjoyed the end right before the epilogue. That scene was especially my favorite as well as the epilogue. Wrapped up everything nicely.

Great read! 4.5/5 stars

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Nov 11, 2012

REVIEW: The Opportunist (Love Me with Lies, #1) by Tarryn Fisher

WOW! Just WOW! I don't even know if I have the words to describe how I felt about this book. All I know is that I seriously feel like bawling my eyes out and I can't help it. This book tugs at your heart. You can't help it. I couldn't. Love doesn't always take us where we belong. Sometimes we have to be bigger than what we feel and be selfless even if it hurts. And for Olivia and Caleb, it hurts! Bad!

Oliva Kaspen. Where to start with Olivia? I didn't always like her but I didn't hate her. I just kind of related. She was pathological at times and seriously devious. She was strong though. A strong heroine. I admired all the things she put herself through, all she endured and still was able to get up every morning. 

She was strong, except when it came to Caleb Drake! Man this girl was desperate and devilishly O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D when it came to this guy. She reminded me a bit of Lexi from "Avoiding Commitment"  by K.A. Linde. The way how Lexi was so desperately in love with Jack (though Lexi wasn't the one doing the lying in that one). Yea, Olivia was seriously obsessively and dangerously in love with Caleb.

The story alternates between the past and present after a very present encounter between Olivia and Caleb who is now her ex. Has been for a while. She knows she shouldn't see him. After all he dumped her and never wanted to see her again but its a shocker when she engineers a meeting with him, that he doesn't remember her. At all! He had been in an accident and lost his memory. Couldn't even remember his own name when he woke up in the hospital.

After their 're-connection' we get glimpses of their past. How they meet and conclusively how they ended. Man, I just couldn't believe the lengths this girl went to to have him. It was insane. She was insane. Total mental for him but I got it. I didn't dislike her. I couldn't. I really couldn't. Their relationship was seriously dysfunctional. Sometimes I questioned that they should be together, especially because of Olivia's choices concerning him. But Olivia's past spoke volumes for her behavior. Let's just say her parents weren't exactly role-models to look up to. She was a front-row witness to that. She let people get close but not too close if you get my meaning. Even with Caleb, she never gave all of herself.

I'll tell you who I didn't like though, Leah! I was totally Team Olivia despite her obvious flaws and Leah was just the mean rich girl standing in her way. She was equally as conniving, okay well maybe not more than Olivia, and she was desperate to keep Caleb. I first started getting teary eyes after Leah made her first play of blackmailing Olivia away from Caleb, then again when she finds out the truth about her new beau and then the end. Gosh dammit, the end!

I think I went a little mental after Caleb and Olivia's last scene in the book. I'm like okay, it's all out there, why isn't this being resolved? Why is this happening? Why?

This part kinda rubbed me raw when Olivia was confessing on a dark, seemingly lonely street. It was real and honest and damn if the waterworks didn't get the best of me here and my heart didn't try to jump out of my chest:

“You changed everything. I was so frightened of losing you that I did everything in my power to drive you away. I thought that if I didn't, eventually you would see that you were wasting your time with me and leave anyway.” 
―  The Opportunist

And then the epilogue. Say it ain't so. Noah seems nice but pssshhhttt he's not Caleb. Please don't let this happen. But, if it does happen maybe it's for the best  Gah! I'm so torn. I'm a mush-ball of emotions right now and I just want the sequel. 

“You can only give your heart away once, after that, everything else will chase your first love” 
―  The Opportunist

Is there any way to make Dirty Red come sooner? Okay, it's coming out in December. I'll bite. I can wait (I really can't but I'll be cool about it *whistles*) It's just a month away. 

I've seen majorly good reviews, just stopped myself short of reading them so I didn't spoil it for myself. I needed to see what the fuss was about and now that I have, I wished I'd read it sooner. But this works, cuz' I don't have to wait as long for the sequel ;)

4.5/5 stars!

Dirty Red (Love Me with Lies, #2)
by Tarryn Fisher

Expected December 28th 2012

Nov 10, 2012

REVIEW: Charade (The Games Series) by Nyrae Dawn

WOW! This novel was a flat -out winner for me. A real tear-jerker. It tugged at my heart-strings, made me cry, made me laugh and fall in love with a very special hero named Colt.

I loved how these two characters came together. Their charade was really a way for them to kinda' distract themselves from the tragedies in their lives. A way to help their situations.

Cheyenne was dealing with abandonment issues caused by the abrupt departure of her mother when she was a small child and a nightmare inducing incident that happened right before her mother left. Not to mention the fact that her long-standing boy-friend Gregory had been cheating on her and she walked in on it!

Colton on the other hand was facing an impending tragedy. His mother was dying from cancer and he's sad and can't quite accept the inevitable even though he knew that it was going to happen. He even works illicit jobs because he wants to make sure she has all kinds of comfort she needs and not have to worry. So when Cheyenne offers him a way to make that extra money he accepts.

I really loved Colton. Really really did. Behind the tattooed, sexy, blue eyed blonde, bad guy facade, Colton really loved his mom and couldn't imagine being without her. He was sexy, gorgeous but at the end he was a really good friend and a good guy for Cheyenne even if he was a bit of a bastard at times. They both came into each other's lives when they needed someone and didn't even realize it. I enjoyed the development of their relationship considering the way in which they came to know each other and be together.

“But when he smiles? Really smiles, it’s perfect. Like toothpaste commercial, boy-next-door beauty that makes it really hard to be pissed at him.” 
― Nyrae Dawn, Charade

There was this really cute scene where the author describes Cheyenne putting her arms around Colt's shoulder and chest and interlocking her hands and I was like, aww that's exactly the cover image. So cute!

Now for the sad part. It was an emotional read throughout but I really started to tear up and cry at the end. Man, I didn't expect it to happen but I cried. It was a really beautiful novel. Not a typical romance boy-meets-girl and falls in love spiel. It was more. So much more. And I absolutely enjoyed it throughout.

I would recommend this novel to everyone! Really a must read.

4/5 stars

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REVIEW: The Spanish Billionaire's Hired Bride by Rachel Lyndhurst

A terrifically fast read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The Spanish Billionaire's Hired Bride is about two people who use each other conveniently to help two very dire situations. 

Ricardo Almanza needs to wed before he's thirty in order to win a long standing bet and reclaim something for his deceased father's honor. Helen Marshall is working for Ricardo's step-mother and she desperately needs money to help settle her family's debts.

Ricardo offers Helena a proposition; marry him and he'll pay her one million euros. Helen is reluctant at first but she  knows that marrying the Spanish Lothario is a small price to pay for helping her family. She agrees and they wed.

What Helen didn't count on was falling for her sexy Spanish husband and him for her . . .

A quick fast-paced romantic read. I would definitely recommend it. I read a novel previously from this author, "Kidnapped by the Greek Billionaire" which I also enjoyed. Can't wait for more from this author!

4/5 stars

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Nov 8, 2012

COVER REVEAL: Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Author Jamie McGuire revealed the cover for her anticipated novel Walking Disaster yesterday and it was totally B-E-A-UTIFUL! walking Disaster is McGuire's second novel in the Beautiful Novels. It's Travis' version of Beautiful Disaster. Me personally, I can't wait to get inside Travis' head. I seriously cannot wait for the release. It was great from Abby's POV and I'm sure Travis' POV will be a delicious treat! In the meantime I'm just going to enjoy how beautiful and absolutely perfect this cover is until we maybe get a teaser ;)

Think I'm going to read over Beautiful Disaster again for the like 100th time before Walking Disaster comes out!

Expected released is April 2013.

If you haven't read the phenomenon that is Beautiful Disaster, you definitely need to!

Nov 7, 2012

REVIEW: Double Time (Sinners on Tour, #5) by Olivia Cunning

My favorite Sinner finally got his story! I love Trey! Loved him from the start and his story was was fantastic!

Trey's story was sexy, steamy, heart wrenching and romantic all at once and it totally rocked. Though this was the third released novel in the series, it should have been the last released because the other band member's stories had already reached their HEA's at the point in time of Trey's story. Trey's story sorta wrapped up the whole series so we all know how it all ends before getting everyone's individual stories. Apparently it was a publisher's decision delivering book 5 before book 3 & 4. Whack decision but whataya gonna do? That was basically my only reservation but I'm glad I got to read it. It was pretty good stuff. I truly can't wait to read Jace and Aggie's story in Hot Ticket and Eric and Rebekah's in Snared.

I loved Trey's girl Reagan. She was the sexiest tomboy Trey had ever set eyes on and she played the guitar like a freaking rock god. Trey meets Reagan at a casting session for his brother Dare's band Exodus End's rhythm guitarist. She's sexy and sassy and she seems perfect for Trey right off the bat.

At this point in the story Trey is trying to let go of Brian, his best friend whom he'd been in love with for over a decade. Brian has just become a father and Trey knows that he has to let him go. That opening scene of the book, I was totally hoping that it wasn't a dream and was extremely bummed that it was. I've wanted a Brian/Trey hook-up since their three-way in "Backstage Pass." 

When he meets Reagan, he feels like he can finally do it - be in a committed relationship. I didn't think it was rushed. The author took her time with the development of the relationship between the two. Trey readily agreeing to try a committed relationship with Reagan within hours of meeting her, really showed how much he just wanted to be over what he felt for Brian. He wasn't looking for a hearts/flowers kinda thing but he was willing to try and be with someone. 

As the story went along, you really saw how Reagan and Trey complemented each other. He remained faithful to her in the face of many temptations. She was the perfect match for him that is until Trey meets her roommate/bff/ex-bf Ethan. Ethan is a totally sexy Alpha male and looks damn irresistible. I  knew that it couldn't be possible for Trey to give up men. He wouldn't be Trey if he suppressed that side of him and Ethan's instant attraction to him and his to Ethan made me think - well I knew that there had to be someone.

Ethan and Reagan had a good thing going for a long time until she caught him with another man, thinking she's not enough for him, and they break up opting for friendship instead. Ethan isn't gay, far from it. He's bi-sexual just like Trey and it kills him seeing Reagan with other guys because he's still in love with her. The entrance of Ethan as a part of their relationship took some time to happen. Trey had been hiding his bi-sexuality from Reagan because he didn't think she could handle it and one steamy encounter with Ethan blows it all to hell. 

What he didn't expect was Reagan's acceptance of his needs and that she was really aroused by the thought of her boy-friend and best friend together. The sex scenes were hot. Scorch-your-skin-off hot. Just some hot down and dirty sex scenes that blew your socks off! I was fanning myself the whole time. Had to take breaks in between and stand in front the fan to cool off before continuing to read. A real page turner. Whether it was Trey/Reagan on their own, the taboo and oh so deliciously HOT scenes with Trey and Ethan. Gosh that was hot to read. I felt a bit naughty reading it! <awkward laugh> Or the menage-a-trois scenes, it was freaking HOTNESS reeking from every page. I really enjoyed seeing Trey fall in love, not once but twice and finally finding fulfillment and moving on from an unhealthy fixation.

This novel had so much going on. From Trey/Reagan/Ethan sorting out the dynamics of their relationship, her being the new guitarist in a really popular rock band and having a stalker sending her threatening notes; there were little quips from the other band members lives and I would totally want a novel about Trey's sexy, sexy brother Dare.

One scene that stood out, a scene that had me wanting to cry and hurt someone, was Trey's confession to Brian about his feelings. Let's just say I wanted to throttle Master Sinclair there for a moment. I calmed down after Ethan's conversation with Brian and I started to like him again. 

A very sexy read from Olivia Cunning. I really enjoyed this one mainly because Trey's been my favorite Sinner from the start. Can't wait for the next two novels in the series, especially Jace and Aggie's because I want to know if he blushes in the bedroom too. LOL.
4.5/5 stars

Love this line:

“Sometimes a beautiful woman just needs a hard, slow f**k against a wall with a perfect stranger. I understand. (Trey Mills)
 Olivia Cunning, Double Time

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Coming February 5, 2013 

Nov 6, 2012

Broken Into Submission . . .

Review: Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

Really sorta blow away by this one. It was such a dark,captivating account of someone who'd been abducted. Someone who was treated like a slave to man who didn't speak to her. A story of a woman who was abducted to be broken.

Told solely from Emily's perspective, she accounts how she was taken to how she became a broken woman who'd fallen for her captor and become a submissive slave.

Emily Vargas was a successful self-help guru who was kidnapped by a fan. She was locked up and was fed only chicken noddle soup. He doesn't speak to her and for someone like Emily who is constantly given attention and craves conversation and contact with other human beings, it's like torture.

Her captor is beautiful and she's attracted to him. She engages in sex with him but when she offends him, he locks her in a dull room for three weeks and only when she's good does he reward her submissiveness and obedience with comfort and luxury.

He's a wealthy man, this is clear to Emily when she sees his home. He can't speak and after a while he lets her go. But she can't stay away. After the months that have passed by, her parents have given up hope of finding her alive and have pronounced her dead but even as she finds herself surrounded by family and real-life, she can't function anymore.

He's broken her and she's a shell of the woman she once was. He had taken her because he wanted to break her. Even after reading everything he's written about her, she still wants him and returns to him, begging him to take her back.

He's become her master and her his slave/submissive. She'd become a depraved woman, a desperate woman for him and without him, she didn't know what or who she was any longer. She needed everything he gave her. Everything he did to her. The punishments, the rewards. Everything!

This story was so raw, so real. I was completely enthralled with Emily's story. Mind-blowing. So good. 

4/5 stars

Loving Thy Captor . . . A Tale of Stockholm Syndrome

Review: Taken (Give & Take, #1) by Kelli Maine

Wow! I really loved this novel. It was great from start to finish. The cover is really beautiful. The story very romantic and compelling.

This novel is about a young woman, Rachel DeSalvo who's kidnapped one night while clubbing with her friend. She's taken after having a drink that was drugged by a very handsome suitor. When she wakes up, she's bound to a bed on a remote island and her captor is a reclusive billionaire CEO Merrick Rocha. 

He had offered her a job before but she'd declined. Merrick had been watching her in the months following her refusal, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Merrick was no ordinary captor though. His intentions weren't to cause harm but he believed she was perfect for the job he offered her and because he just couldn't forget her.

What's a girl to do when she's attracted to a man that's kidnapped her? Drugged her and taken her away from her family, making sure that she wouldn't be missed? Rachael can't help that she finds him so attractive any more than he can hide the desire in his eyes every time he looks at her. Does she give in or has his crazy attempts to get her ruin a chance at something great?

Told from both the 1st and 2nd person, Rachael recants Merrick's part in the story by referring to him as 'you' throughout. She's telling her story to the reader, her unbelievable story where she finds her attraction growing each day for this beautiful, broken man. He'll never hurt her. He waits on her hand and foot and his patience is endless.

Having been in only two relationships, serious relationships, Rachel doesn't do sex without love or commitment. She reluctant to give in to their mutual desire until she's sure it is right. She still doesn't trust him enough, even with their growing closeness, and one can understand that as he had forcibly taken her away.

It's a romantic story about a woman who falls in love with her captor. He's a rather tame kidnapper (having never taken anyone before) who can't seem to stay away from her. He needs her and she needed him. Really very good story and story-telling. The story-line was weaved very carefully allowing the reader the chance to understand the relationship between the two characters. I thought Merrick's characterization was very well explained. I couldn't fault her for falling for him or the length he went to to be with her (it was still extreme but . . .) after understanding his past. I feel like I still wanted more from Rachael but she was a very strong heroine and her restraint and morals really got to me.

“Stockholm Syndrome. I’m falling in love with my captor, Merrick.”
“You were my captor long before I was yours.”
                 Taken, Kelli Maine

4/5 stars

Next in this series:

 The third installment "Given" will be released in 2013.

Nov 2, 2012

REVIEW: Checkmate (A Neighbor from Hell, #3) by R.L Mathewson

 “But I'd take you because you're the best part of my day, Rory. Always have been and always will be.” 

5/5 stars!

          I absolutely loved this novel. R.L. Mathewson has done it again! It's the third in an already terrific series and it has only gotten better. I had really enjoyed Jason and Trevor's stories before and I enjoyed their cousin Rory's just as much. These novels carry every emotion that you could feel while reading a novel; it was funny, romantic, frustrating, sexy, sad. I just had such a plethora of emotions while reading it was not even funny.
          Rory and Connor have known each other since they toddlers. Toddlers who tortured each other on a daily basis. There had been constant animosity between the two fr twenty-five years and even as adults they continue to make each other's lives a living hell- Connor more than Rory. he constantly taunted and teased her and did everything imaginable to her to embarrass her, hurt her (though not fatally) and she fought back just as dirty. With five older brothers, she knew how to handle herself.
          I cracked up so much reading all the things these two put each other through over those twenty-five years and it all came to a head when they were forced to work together when both their construction firms were recruited to work on a hotel. I thought, well there's no way they could work together without killing each other!
          What frustrated me, was discounting Connor's hotness, I didn't see how Rory could be attracted to him. Don't get me wrong these two knuckleheads totally belonged together. There was just no other way but this guy tortured her on a daily basis since she was a young girl, how could she - GAH! I just didn't get it, but I digress.
          The scheming and manipulating suddenly come to a head when they both start to feel things for each other, other than HATE! 
          I loved how we got some Jason and Trevor and their never satiated appetites. Those Bradford's sure can eat. This novel was hilarious but it didn't lack the sexy. Rory and Connor gave us some scorchers!
          I hope there are more novels to come in this series because each one thus far has been a WINNER!

If you haven't read this series yet, I suggest you get caught up. Her Pyte/Sentinel Series is another winner!

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