Nov 6, 2012

Broken Into Submission . . .

Review: Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas

Really sorta blow away by this one. It was such a dark,captivating account of someone who'd been abducted. Someone who was treated like a slave to man who didn't speak to her. A story of a woman who was abducted to be broken.

Told solely from Emily's perspective, she accounts how she was taken to how she became a broken woman who'd fallen for her captor and become a submissive slave.

Emily Vargas was a successful self-help guru who was kidnapped by a fan. She was locked up and was fed only chicken noddle soup. He doesn't speak to her and for someone like Emily who is constantly given attention and craves conversation and contact with other human beings, it's like torture.

Her captor is beautiful and she's attracted to him. She engages in sex with him but when she offends him, he locks her in a dull room for three weeks and only when she's good does he reward her submissiveness and obedience with comfort and luxury.

He's a wealthy man, this is clear to Emily when she sees his home. He can't speak and after a while he lets her go. But she can't stay away. After the months that have passed by, her parents have given up hope of finding her alive and have pronounced her dead but even as she finds herself surrounded by family and real-life, she can't function anymore.

He's broken her and she's a shell of the woman she once was. He had taken her because he wanted to break her. Even after reading everything he's written about her, she still wants him and returns to him, begging him to take her back.

He's become her master and her his slave/submissive. She'd become a depraved woman, a desperate woman for him and without him, she didn't know what or who she was any longer. She needed everything he gave her. Everything he did to her. The punishments, the rewards. Everything!

This story was so raw, so real. I was completely enthralled with Emily's story. Mind-blowing. So good. 

4/5 stars


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