Nov 2, 2012

MUST READS: Two of the Best Contemporary Reads of 2012

REVIEW: On Dublin Street
               by Samantha Young

     Man, I really love me my alpha male heroes  in all their possessive glory and this novel was definitely not lacking that. 
     Braden Carmichael was one sexy and very determined Scotsman who didn't take no for an answer and  definitely got what he wanted. In this case it was his sister's roommate Joss. His first encounter with our heroine Jocelyn was as sexy as it was funny.

     Their second encounter was even more entertaining. Jocelyn has a past and it's not a pretty one,   it's left her closed off to certain situations so when she  comes to live with Braden's sister and is faced with a man she wants to  resist but can't, it's a challenge.  

     Braden worms his way into her life and into her heart. There was everything; lots of sexy, some funny and an overall heart-melting effect that doesn't pass on the heart- clenching. I have to read it again, it was so good.  I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I read it in one sitting the first time.   
5/5 stars!


REVIEW: Love Left Behind
              by S.H. Kolee

     This novel was a great find for me. It was very entertaining and very well written. I loved Emma and Jackson together. You just knew they were meant to be together. Their first meeting right down to the end was  just - GAH! I wanted my Jackson! 

     The sacrifice she made for him to follow his dreams was admirable and downright wonky - but a bit more admirable. I hated reading that scene because it broke my heart so bad. Jackson was my type of  contemporary hero; he was downright obsessively in love with Emma. The sex scenes were off-the- charts hot and I loved every minute of this read. 

    Claire was a character where all the signs pointed to crazy-town for the obviously bi-polar and you couldn't wait to see when she'd snap and when she did, what would happen. She was an interesting character if only kinda' psycho and delusional. 

     It should be on everyone's MUST-READ list!  A terrific story that I can't wait to read again. Jackson and Emma's story really got to me. I just love books that make me feel things - POSITIVE,   HAPPY things. 

5/5 stars!

I just have one thing to say, READ these books! They're both too good to pass on. If you love possessive alpha male heroes, like I do, you'll love these. And it's not just these irresistible men, the story-lines for the novels are very good and the heroines are no slouches either. Strong women all the way!  


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