Nov 14, 2012

REVIEW: The Boss's Fake Fiancee by Inara Scott

Such a pleasant surprise, this read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and finished it quite quickly actually. A really romantic story mixed in with some heavy commitment issues, an over-protective family, science and computers, a jerk ex-boyfriend and an unexpected love stemming from a fake relationship.

It was fun at times, sad in between but overall a romantic contemporary read about a young woman who in a moment of self-preservation, to save face, implies that she's involved with her boss to her ex to make him jealous. They both work for competing institutions and Melissa Bencher just couldn't stand the smug bitter words of her cheating ex.

Things go horribly awry when a tabloid reports that the two are engaged. Garth Solen's grandmother is ill and very pleased and excited at this news. He is at a lost to convince her otherwise and so asks Melissa to play along for a while as it would also aid his investment opportunity for a new project.

Melissa agrees, her family's breathing down her neck for answers. Garth comes across as cold and unemotional nicknamed, 'the human computer' Melissa isn't quite sure how this will work. The two however are fooling themselves because they are both attracted to each other.

In the following weeks Melissa sees a side of Garth that she's never seen before and when he smiles, well he's hard to resist. What she didn't count on was falling in love with her boss.

I really loved Garth. he was a different kind of hero for me but equally as irresistible. I loved his eccentric housekeeper and his 'Nan' who wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise about his situation with Melissa and just told him how she 'saw' it. Melissa's family was frustrating at times but that just showed how much they cared. We get an update on Tori and Brit from "Rules of Negotiation."

I enjoyed the end right before the epilogue. That scene was especially my favorite as well as the epilogue. Wrapped up everything nicely.

Great read! 4.5/5 stars

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