Nov 10, 2012

REVIEW: Charade (The Games Series) by Nyrae Dawn

WOW! This novel was a flat -out winner for me. A real tear-jerker. It tugged at my heart-strings, made me cry, made me laugh and fall in love with a very special hero named Colt.

I loved how these two characters came together. Their charade was really a way for them to kinda' distract themselves from the tragedies in their lives. A way to help their situations.

Cheyenne was dealing with abandonment issues caused by the abrupt departure of her mother when she was a small child and a nightmare inducing incident that happened right before her mother left. Not to mention the fact that her long-standing boy-friend Gregory had been cheating on her and she walked in on it!

Colton on the other hand was facing an impending tragedy. His mother was dying from cancer and he's sad and can't quite accept the inevitable even though he knew that it was going to happen. He even works illicit jobs because he wants to make sure she has all kinds of comfort she needs and not have to worry. So when Cheyenne offers him a way to make that extra money he accepts.

I really loved Colton. Really really did. Behind the tattooed, sexy, blue eyed blonde, bad guy facade, Colton really loved his mom and couldn't imagine being without her. He was sexy, gorgeous but at the end he was a really good friend and a good guy for Cheyenne even if he was a bit of a bastard at times. They both came into each other's lives when they needed someone and didn't even realize it. I enjoyed the development of their relationship considering the way in which they came to know each other and be together.

“But when he smiles? Really smiles, it’s perfect. Like toothpaste commercial, boy-next-door beauty that makes it really hard to be pissed at him.” 
― Nyrae Dawn, Charade

There was this really cute scene where the author describes Cheyenne putting her arms around Colt's shoulder and chest and interlocking her hands and I was like, aww that's exactly the cover image. So cute!

Now for the sad part. It was an emotional read throughout but I really started to tear up and cry at the end. Man, I didn't expect it to happen but I cried. It was a really beautiful novel. Not a typical romance boy-meets-girl and falls in love spiel. It was more. So much more. And I absolutely enjoyed it throughout.

I would recommend this novel to everyone! Really a must read.

4/5 stars

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