Nov 27, 2012

REVIEW: Devoured (Devoured, #1) by Emily Snow

OMG! If Lucas Wolfe asked me to give him ten days, I'd agree right away!

First off, This cover is freaking gorgeous. I've seen these models on several books but I think this one's my favourite. All those tats, he looks unbelievably sexy. I'd been waiting to read this for a while now.It's on my list of MUST READS. I finally got some time to read it and I wasn't disappointed. Well maybe a little, because for 1. I wanted my own sexy dominant rock-star and 2. there's gonna' be a next book and I have to wait for it. :(

But I loved this one. Lucas was one of those characters that made me love rock-star books more. He was sexy and demanding and he freaking knew how to get what he wanted and what he wanted in this case was Sienna Jensen. The woman who two years earlier left him after she refused to let him tie her to his bed.

But fate has other plans for these two. I'm pretty sure Sienna never thought she'd see Lucas again. She saw him in magazines and on TV but even though she still thought about what happened between the two of them those fateful years ago. I doubt she thought she'd see him again.

But when her brother calls and tells her that he grandmother's beloved house is being foreclosed, she takes time off from work to go be with her grandmother and see if she could help in any way. What she didn't bank on was that Lucas Wolfe, sexy rock god was the one buying her grandmother's house.

Lucas seeing Sienna again makes him want her just like he had two years ago. He freaking dominant but Sienna doesn't think she's submissive enough for him, or is she?

Employing deceptive techniques, Lucas and his sister get Sienna to agree to a deal. She'll be his personal assistant for ten days and after those ten days, she'll get her grandmother's house back. She agrees after some reluctance.

They have smoking chemistry and Sienna really can't resist his charm for long. I really wouldn't know how to either. 

I really enjoyed Lucas' character. He was sexy, demanding and he knew just how to get what he wanted by putting the decision in Sienna's hands. She had to submit to him. He ran a bit hot and cold with her and he had unresolved issues in his personal life that inevitably fueled their departure from each other again.

But damn if he didn't make up for it with that song and how that entire scene was orchestrated. It was so romantic and damn . . . where's my sexy rock-star serenading me when he messes up? *pouts*

A terrific book! MUST-READ guys! I an't wait for Consumed (book 2).
There's also a another book All Over You (#0.5) that I think is TBR at the end of this month.

I'm looking forward to more from these series and this author! 

All Over You
(Devoured, #0.5)


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