Nov 28, 2012

REVIEW: Disastrous (Disastrous, #1) by E.L. Montes

First off the cover of this book was unbelievably beautiful. I pictured the girl on the cover as Mia the entire time. That said, I had mixed feelings about this book throughout but ultimately I really liked and enjoyed it and can't wait for more.

The story grabbed me from the prologue. What a way to really engage your reader and really grip you so that you know you need to find out what the hell had happened to spur the events of the prologue. I know I couldn't turn away. I needed to know.

Mia is an extremely intelligent young woman whose just finished her first year in Law school and has been entered into an externship position for the summer with DeLuca Law Firm. This opportunity was usually given to third year students but because of her skills and talent she was recommended by her professor.

Mia is described as someone who has a hard time trusting men in particular yet her only friend is a male and one she'd been in a strictly sexual relationship for some months. She hadn't had any luck in previous relationships. She hasn't had the gift of  a mother to help her through the difficult times. Her father died when she was very young leaving her older brother to take care of her. Then her brother dies a few months earlier and well you can she why she'd jaded when it comes to men.

I understood how she was able to be comfortable with and trust Jeremy though because he was there for her when she needed him and proven himself a trustworthy friend. They had a very close relationship and lived together.

Things really pick up when she meets Marcus DeLuca, her prospective boss and very sexy, successful attorney. Marcus is beautiful, he's kind and he's instantly taken with her like no other woman. Even wanting a relationship with her when he never had before with anyone else. But Marcus has a dark side and it's hinted at repeatedly in dodgy meetings with his brother and 'Uncle Lou' and his constant late night 'jobs.'

I'm just going to be blunt and say that Mia was really naive and just a bit too much of a pushover when it came to Marcus. Yea, she couldn't resist him and just the sight of him unhappy makes her cave, but babe when you find out that your man is not only a high profile attorney but one that's working for a infamous mafia family and organizing drug and gun cartels, you fucking ask questions. I feel like she too easily brushed over the fact that Marcus was doing something illegal and dangerous.

He comes home covered in the blood of someone he just killed and you're going to leave him but when he admits that he was suicidal and desperately in love with you and can't bear to lose you, you  cave and sleep with him. I could maybe understand that desperate love that you can't let go no matter what he does but she just didn't think and whenever they would argue, they wouldn't talk things out, they'd have sex instead. How that fixed anything I really didn't know.

“Being with Marcus DeLuca was draining, frustrating, confusing, and extraordinary all at the same time." Mia

And when it boiled down to it, that's exactly what their relationship was - Disastrous.  It was very dysfunctional and even when it seemed like they really shouldn't be together  they found a way because of the desperate nature of their feelings for each other. A desperate, obsessive even dangerous love that neither could let go off.

I didn't hate Marcus though. Not by a long shot. I was just trying my damnedest to figure out WTF was going on with him, his brother and Uncle Lou. See even though I got mad at Mia for not probing enough into Marcus' secret life, I felt that there was more there than what we would have thought. I have my theories about what Marcus' reasoning is for working with Lou, for why he can't leave,  but I'll wait for the next book to see if I'm right.

That said, I really thought Mia was a bit rash, not letting Marcus explain when she found his files on her brother. She ran out of there like a bat out of hell and I get she felt betrayed and her trust in him took a lashing but she could have let him explain.

I will say though that Marcus had me when he made his declaration to her in the pouring rain. I had my ups and downs with his character, liking him at times and then being pissed at him for being dodgy but that scene right there redeemed him in my eyes. For now. 

“That’s what love is … It’s scary not knowing what’s expected, but I know it’ll be the best frightening love we’ve ever had.” - Marcus

The epilogue also further cemented my thoughts about Marcus' involvement with Lou. There's definitely something  there that we're not getting yet and I'm excited for the next book, Cautious which is said to be released May 23rd 2013. Gosh, so far though.

I enjoyed the bonus scene. You got to see inside Marcus' head for a bit and I liked him a bit more for it. There's nothing that melts me more than a hero who is so desperately in love with the heroine that he'd do anything for her and anything to be with her and Marcus was that kind of hero and I liked him more for it. That little glimpse in his head made me want to know more from his POV though. But I enjoyed that little treat nevertheless.

4/5 stars

Totally check out this book. It's worth the read. Definitely a change of pace from my usual read. And trust me that's a good thing because I'm all about mixing it up ;)
Marking my calender for the next release!


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