Nov 7, 2012

REVIEW: Double Time (Sinners on Tour, #5) by Olivia Cunning

My favorite Sinner finally got his story! I love Trey! Loved him from the start and his story was was fantastic!

Trey's story was sexy, steamy, heart wrenching and romantic all at once and it totally rocked. Though this was the third released novel in the series, it should have been the last released because the other band member's stories had already reached their HEA's at the point in time of Trey's story. Trey's story sorta wrapped up the whole series so we all know how it all ends before getting everyone's individual stories. Apparently it was a publisher's decision delivering book 5 before book 3 & 4. Whack decision but whataya gonna do? That was basically my only reservation but I'm glad I got to read it. It was pretty good stuff. I truly can't wait to read Jace and Aggie's story in Hot Ticket and Eric and Rebekah's in Snared.

I loved Trey's girl Reagan. She was the sexiest tomboy Trey had ever set eyes on and she played the guitar like a freaking rock god. Trey meets Reagan at a casting session for his brother Dare's band Exodus End's rhythm guitarist. She's sexy and sassy and she seems perfect for Trey right off the bat.

At this point in the story Trey is trying to let go of Brian, his best friend whom he'd been in love with for over a decade. Brian has just become a father and Trey knows that he has to let him go. That opening scene of the book, I was totally hoping that it wasn't a dream and was extremely bummed that it was. I've wanted a Brian/Trey hook-up since their three-way in "Backstage Pass." 

When he meets Reagan, he feels like he can finally do it - be in a committed relationship. I didn't think it was rushed. The author took her time with the development of the relationship between the two. Trey readily agreeing to try a committed relationship with Reagan within hours of meeting her, really showed how much he just wanted to be over what he felt for Brian. He wasn't looking for a hearts/flowers kinda thing but he was willing to try and be with someone. 

As the story went along, you really saw how Reagan and Trey complemented each other. He remained faithful to her in the face of many temptations. She was the perfect match for him that is until Trey meets her roommate/bff/ex-bf Ethan. Ethan is a totally sexy Alpha male and looks damn irresistible. I  knew that it couldn't be possible for Trey to give up men. He wouldn't be Trey if he suppressed that side of him and Ethan's instant attraction to him and his to Ethan made me think - well I knew that there had to be someone.

Ethan and Reagan had a good thing going for a long time until she caught him with another man, thinking she's not enough for him, and they break up opting for friendship instead. Ethan isn't gay, far from it. He's bi-sexual just like Trey and it kills him seeing Reagan with other guys because he's still in love with her. The entrance of Ethan as a part of their relationship took some time to happen. Trey had been hiding his bi-sexuality from Reagan because he didn't think she could handle it and one steamy encounter with Ethan blows it all to hell. 

What he didn't expect was Reagan's acceptance of his needs and that she was really aroused by the thought of her boy-friend and best friend together. The sex scenes were hot. Scorch-your-skin-off hot. Just some hot down and dirty sex scenes that blew your socks off! I was fanning myself the whole time. Had to take breaks in between and stand in front the fan to cool off before continuing to read. A real page turner. Whether it was Trey/Reagan on their own, the taboo and oh so deliciously HOT scenes with Trey and Ethan. Gosh that was hot to read. I felt a bit naughty reading it! <awkward laugh> Or the menage-a-trois scenes, it was freaking HOTNESS reeking from every page. I really enjoyed seeing Trey fall in love, not once but twice and finally finding fulfillment and moving on from an unhealthy fixation.

This novel had so much going on. From Trey/Reagan/Ethan sorting out the dynamics of their relationship, her being the new guitarist in a really popular rock band and having a stalker sending her threatening notes; there were little quips from the other band members lives and I would totally want a novel about Trey's sexy, sexy brother Dare.

One scene that stood out, a scene that had me wanting to cry and hurt someone, was Trey's confession to Brian about his feelings. Let's just say I wanted to throttle Master Sinclair there for a moment. I calmed down after Ethan's conversation with Brian and I started to like him again. 

A very sexy read from Olivia Cunning. I really enjoyed this one mainly because Trey's been my favorite Sinner from the start. Can't wait for the next two novels in the series, especially Jace and Aggie's because I want to know if he blushes in the bedroom too. LOL.
4.5/5 stars

Love this line:

“Sometimes a beautiful woman just needs a hard, slow f**k against a wall with a perfect stranger. I understand. (Trey Mills)
 Olivia Cunning, Double Time

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