Nov 17, 2012

REVIEW: The Proposition by Katie Ashley

When can I get the sequel? Is it premature that I'm asking for the sequel without having told you how awesome this book is? It really was. I enjoyed it from start to finish but then I have one regret. I should have waited to read this one. Should have waited till the sequel came out because it left me with a major cliffhanger and now i have to WAIT! :(

So this story is about Emma Harrison, all she really wants is a baby. But her fiancee died and then her mom died and well, this girl has been through some tough times. She asked her bff Connor to donate to the cause but his partner is against it.

One night after work whens he and Connor are arguing, Aiden Fitzgerald the new VP overhears and steps in thinking Emma needed rescuing. She agrees to have a drink with him against her better judgement (he's known as the office player). She lets him in and tells him her whole predicament.

Aiden, ever the opportunist, sees a way for them both to get what they want. He's wanted Emma ever since the office Christmas party whens he turned him down flat.

The Proposition? He'll father her child but it has to be done naturally.  

“Is this one of those contracts like in that kinky book where we outline what we're willing to do or not do during sex? Like our hard limits and safe words?” 
― The Proposition

Emma agrees after much thought and a conference with her best friend Casey. They decide on when to meet and where. But what happens when Emma starts to get emotionally invested? When Aiden does things that make her melt?

I really really loved Aiden. Katie wrote him perfectly though his character was far from perfect. Aiden doesn't do commitment. He doesn't do love or marriage. He has a history of self-sabotage when it comes to emotions and relationships. But with Emma, the lines are blurring and he feels things for her that makes him shake in his boots.

He's becoming more involved with her and he can't help it. What changes everything? When he meets her family. Swear I laughed hard when she left him to talk to her Granddad. He was so ready to pass out from fear. It was hilarious!

But when Aiden realizes he's in love with Emma and she's in love with him, he starts pulling away. Slowly detaching himself from her and the baby. He becomes colder, more unreachable that he'd been in previous months. He can't cope with what he's feeling for her and he cowardly runs away from it. It was ironic that he told Emma that she puts herself down and doesn't see herself clearly when Aiden does the exact same thing to himself not thinking he can do the whole relationship thing.

What he does at the end really makes me want to smack him though. I still love him but boy went and did something seriously stupid and douche-y. He almost hooks up with another woman hoping to let go of what he's feeling for Emma but he couldn't do it. She meant to much. That still didn't prevent Emma from walking in and catching him in the almost-act. He screwed up big-time and I need to see him atone like yesterday.

I seriously can't wait for The Proposal, the sequel.

I recommend this novel for EVERYONE! It's a really great read!

4.5/5 stars 

The Proposal

The Sequel to 

The Proposition.

COMING January 5th, 2013!


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