Dec 8, 2012

Best Books of 2012 . . .

There's been some really incredible books this year . . . I'm still reading. So much goodness! This is a list of some of the best ones I absolutely loved during this year. Maybe you've read them, there may be some you haven't yet read. So here are 10 Honorably Mentioned Favorites.  I'll make a subsequent list when the year is over of every one of my favorites! They aren't listed in any specific order.

  1. This was the third installment in the Fifty Shades Trilogy. It was a really terrific end to the series and we were given a little treat with Christian's POV. It was a bit bittersweet end from the characters we had become so accustomed with. Loved me my Fifty Shades. 
  2. Oh I loved Lucas. Loved him and Jacqueline together even more. After Tammara  Webber's "Between the Lines" Trilogy, this was just what you needed. It was a more contemporary YA novel and it was terrifically written with very lovable characters. Full review here
  3. When you love a hero as much as you loved Christian Grey  it's hard to think of any hero that could eclipse him but Gideon well, he gives Fifty a run for his billions. A sexy, sizzlingly hot contemporary read from a brilliant author. check out my full review here, it's sequel a great follow-up to this already memorable first novel with even more angst and sexy, full review of "Reflected in You" here
  4. I love the 5th Street boys and I think Noah's my favourite. Yep I'm a bit biased  even though Gio was pretty good too.  My review will speak better. A great read for this year. I love every offering from this author and looking forward to Hector and Abel's story. Full review of "Noah" here
  5. Oooh you gotta love a sexy rock-star and Jake Wethers is definitely that. Him and Tru's reunion and then him crooning "Wicked Game" in the middle of the night? Goosebumps! *sigh* A must-read for this year from the talented Samantha Towle. Eagerly awaiting the sequel "Wethering the Storm", due date yet unknown. In the meantime see my full review of "The Might Storm" here
  6. There's absolutely no way you can resist the sexiness and snarkiness that is Daemon Black. This hot  Luxen has to be from another planet because he's too unbelievable to be real. I mean that in the best way. Reading him and Katy going back and forth trading witty comebacks and retorts have become one of my favourite past-times. Just finished reading the third book "Opal" which left me salivating for more after an unbelievable cliff-hanger. In the meantime check out my review of "Onyx" here and of "Opal" here 
  7. Ah, "The Enemy of Old" He's made enemies everywhere he's gone  and has death circling the wagons. Everyone wants a piece of him, to exact their revenge. Nothing could prepare this enigma for the surprise of a human Bride. We all know how much Lothaire hates humans because of his past. I loved reading about him and Elizabeth. Who knew the biggest evil in the Lore could be so sexy! Definite must read of this year! See my full review here 
  8. This story either left you sad and angry because it totally riled up all kinds of emotions in you that made you sit with your mouth gaping at the end because you're like WTH just happened. I really need more. Olivia was one of those characters you either hated, loved or wanted to be friends with. I had a love/hate thing going with her but ultimately liked her and rooted for her and Caleb. I can hardly wait for "Dirty Red." Full review of  "The Opportunist" here
  9. So much angst, so much love and so much hate. Sizzling sexual chemistry and  bad-boys that girls just seem to love. This one had it all. Lexi and Jack's dysfunctional relationship went to epic proportions here. You sometimes wondered what the hell did she see in the jerk but you understood her even with her fixation. As I always stress though, I am Team Ramsey all the way. Full review of this novel here and check out my review to the newly released sequel "Avoiding Responsibility"  that you'll also love, here.
  10. This book took me on a journey with two people who discovered themselves separate from what they were dealing with in their personal lives. They learnt how to live and love and be themselves. Camryn and Andrew's story is one that really should be read. It's one of my absolute favourites for this year. A Must Read! See my full review here
 If you haven't read some of these, be sure to give 'em a try. They are totally worth it. Look out for my complete lists of absolute favs for this year. This was sort of a teaser ;)

Happy Reading my fellow book lovers and Happy Holidays!


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