Dec 2, 2012

REVIEW: Avoiding Responsibility ( Avoiding, #2) by K.A Linde

A terrific sequel to an already stellar first. "Avoiding Responsibility" kept me reading till I couldn't read anymore. There was so much drama, so much deceit and of course lies!

 At this point in the story, the author again goes back and forth between the present and the past as we explore, not Jack and Lexi's relationship this time around, but Lexi's relationship with Ramsey. 

A year has past since the horrible debacle of Lexi and Jack's reunion and his bombshell of his impending nuptials. At this point in the present, Lexi and Ramsey aren't together but as we go back to the past months leading up, we find out that they've been in communication with each other throughout.

This time around, I didn't expect Lexi to be completely over Jack but I expected her to be less weak in his presence and even though her weakness for him tried to get the better of her when she was near him, she fought it and I was so proud of her. 

In this novel we learn more about Ramsey's past. I'm a bit biased because I absolutely fell on Ramsey's ship in "Avoiding Commitment." He had a lot that he'd kept hidden from Lexi and she was certainly justified in feeling like she couldn't trust him. I even had to admit it was a bit pathological to chase after her because of her similarity in appearance to his ex, Parker.

I loved the intense scenes between Lexi and Ramsey. At a point I felt like they would always be getting interrupted but then it happened and it was perfect. They were perfect  . . . together. I loved all the scenes between these two, the good and the bad!

Bekah  . . . oh Bekah  . . . she was so delusional. I didn't think she even loved Jack. It felt like he was her prize in her little war against Lexi. And Jack? He hadn't changed one bit. He was still the lying, cheating commitment-phobe that he was years earlier and somehow it seemed fitting that he and Bekah be together. They disgustingly deserved each other.

I loved Chyna and Adam. Her finally finding a nice guy that she wanted to commit to. Adam was adorable. Chyna was just the ultimate best friend and she never let Lexi go through anything alone and vice versa.

The end of the novel was fitting. Everything worked out as it should and everyone was happy . . . okay . . . no  . . . everyone wasn't. But my girl Lexi finally was and that just made the end . . . perfect.

4/5 stars

Can't wait to read more from this author. First-class story-telling. She's sure to write more hits in the future and I can't wait . . .

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Michelle - Butterfliesandlillies said...

Can't wait to read this, just finished the first one and loved it. Only problem I have to wait until December as its not released yet :(

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