Dec 20, 2012

REVIEW: Lexi, Baby (This Can't Be Happening, #1) by Lynda LeeAnne

I really liked this book! A lot! I mean this story has everything! And yes, I do realize I've been exclaiming since I started this review but I can't help it! Too cool! Sexy cover by the way. I don't know if authors know this but sometimes it's the cover that makes you stop and notice. I am saying this from my perspective of course but usually when an author is an unknown for me, when I haven't previously read her/his book, the cover makes me stop while I'm searching for new titles and take a look. If the blurb is interesting then I get it.

The cover is dark and has an underlying sensuality that made me take notice and after reading the blurb for this one I had to have it! This book had emotions and angst and a bit of cheating with one sexy, ultimate ALPHA male hero, throw that in with a hidden pregnancy,  a stalker and plenty sexy, steamy hot scenes and you got a winner!

Alexis Sky Martine and Landyn James were the perfect couple. High school sweethearts. They were in love and planning a future together because nothing meant more to them than each other. Lexi saw Lan as the man she would marry. He even gave her a promise ring to remind her of him and his promise to her even when they were at different colleges. They were perfect together and so happy. Nothing could ruin that right?

“He treated me like I was his heart; like he needed me to exist; like he'd do anything in his power to make me happy.” 

I loved Lan! I didn't when he cheated at the start but I liked him after. He was so sexy, and very obsessive and possessive over Lexi. This guy was head over heels over her and he never let her forget it. Even when they had broken each other's hearts with his betrayal he made sure she knew that even walking out on him didn't mean she would ever be anyone's but his.

“You’re mine Lexi! No matter what happens, you’re mine! Do you hear me?” - Lan

Lan and Lexi are apart for six years in the interim of his betrayal and since then, Lexi's life has changed drastically. She was a single mother, taking care of a young child while going to school and after a couple of years finally got involved with someone else.

Fate had other plans for these two because when an old and very much hated acquaintance sees Lexi and her daughter Layla (I know all L's), Lan comes barreling back into Lexi's life and he plans to stay there. There was a lot unresolved between these two and the feelings were still very much alive. I mean these two really steamed up the pages. Woo! He was way possessive of her and jealous to the extreme but he was a good father and he loved them both terribly.

“You think this is funny? Did you like him touching you?...Take off your clothes,” 
“I’m feeling the need to mark my territory and I want you right here. Right now.” 

Lexi was resistant to their reunion with good reason. You really couldn't begrudge her reluctance because the trust between them was broken. He'd broken it. It would have been hard to just give yourself up to someone who had the power to hurt you like nobody else. They had a lot they needed to work out. 

“I do remember exactly how I felt when I
walked out and saw you; the look on your face. It
was like being drenched with ice water and it
sobered me up fast. I remember wanting to hold
you and you looking at me like I just destroyed
your life. And I knew I did too because I was
destroyed and you were my life.”- Lan

They went back and forth throughout because he was very protective and jealous. He didn't want any other man near her. She was his and he had no qualms about making her know this. Whether it was marking his territory with her body or with words, he made sure she knew that he was in it for the long haul and that he wasn't ever giving her up.

“I’m glad you think I’m unbelievable, baby,
and I will never stop calling you baby. I refuse to call you what everyone else does because you’re not theirs, you’re mine.”- Lan

They had a lot to deal with also with her ex-boyfriend being physically abusive after the break-up and hurting her but they got through it and worked things out because ultimately they loved each other too much to ever be apart.

“I love you Lexi. You’re going to be mine for the rest of your life. You’ve always been mine.” His voice was firm. "I'm not afraid to admit how much I need you, baby." 

Really good book. I love my ALPHA heroes so there was  no doubt I would like it. I am really anxious to read Trish's story next. That cliffhanger made me wish I had the sequel on hand already! Oh and I hope that Adam gets a story too. Loved him!

4/5 stars!


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