Dec 17, 2012

REVIEW: Marco's Redemption by Lynda Chance


I've read practically all of this author's novels but I think this one was my favourite. Lynda Chance has a knack for writing about these sexy and very ALPHA male heroes that love their heroines to the point of obsession. Their need to possess and keep these heroines always the most dominant thought in their mind.

Marco Donati knows he wants Natalie Lambert the minute she rear-ends his Audi. The perfect opportunity to keep her close till he can make his move, comes the form of her not being able to pay him for the damages. He proposes an agreement, that she work in his home as his domestic (cooking, cleaning and washing) as payment for the damages to the car.

Natalie thinks Marco is beyond attractive. He's gorgeous and she is grateful for such an easy way to repay her debt. It almost seems unfair when she thinks about the five digit sum that she owes him.

Marco has other plans for Natalie slowly opening her up to his attraction for her. He has a woman he usually goes to for his physical needs but with Natalie around, his body wants no one else and after a very sexual encounter in the back of a car, the rules have changed and Marco wants Natalie totally with him, being his woman.

"What do you want from me, Marco?" she asked
softly, her body still trembling with after
quakes of desire.
"You," he said, his voice firm as he
looked into her eyes.

He's jealous and possessive and he can't get enough of her. It worries him how much he wants her. Never has he wanted anyone so much. He can't stand the thought of any other man looking at her or worst putting his hands on her. He has trust issues. They argue about his methods of trying to keep her safe when it's really himself he's trying to protect. Trying to protect himself from losing her to someone else.

"You prove that you can handle
me, the way I am, and that you're not
scared of me. I don't want you scared of
me, Natalie. But I can't change how I am." - Marco.

He wanted her so much that he bought her a ring hoping she'd wear it on her left ring finger so others would know she was his. The one time they have sex without a condom he admits to her near the end that he had hoped she'd gotten pregnant so he wouldn't have to keep worrying that she might leave him someday. He's not the confident bank CEO when he's around her. He asserts his dominance over her but there was a lot of inner turmoil inside his head. She made him vulnerable. He couldn't handle the thought of losing her.

"Do you love me?"
He let out a puff of air and ran his hand
through his hair again with fingers that
shook. "Jesus Christ, Natalie. Heart, body,
and soul. More than life itself."

There was never any chance of him letting her go. He would do anything to keep her and anything to make sure she remained his for good. I really liked the epilogue. The heroine Natalie wasn't weak, she loved him so much that she'd do anything to make him happy. He scared her at times with his intensity but she always knew he'd never hurt her. Even when he never put his feelings into words, she knew he cared and she was willing to accept him the way he was because she couldn't live without him anymore than he could without her.

"You've been mine since the day
you slammed into me from behind,
Natalie. You just didn't know it."

4/5 stars

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