Dec 6, 2012

REVIEW: Opal (Lux, #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This author never ceases to amaze me when it comes to this series and Opal was no different. It was a downright winner just like the previous two novels and that cliffhanger? Monumental! Now I'm going to be in a rut anxiously awaiting the fourth book which Ms Armentrout has said will be from dual POVs.

This one picks up right where Onyx left off. Katy and Dee's friendship are on the rocks since Adam's death. So much has changed but one thing that hasn't? Daemon and Katy being my favourite book couple ever!

With Dawson being back and Katy facing that aftermath of her capture, the betrayal of people who has gotten close to them (Will and Blake), things are different. Dawson is a shell of the person he once was. He wants Beth back and would do anything to get that.

Without giving too much away (trying not to be spoilery),this one had lots of action with trying to help Dawson and protect Daemon and Katy from danger. Old faces return and new faces introduced that doesn't exactly bode well. Choices had to be made and alliances formed. The group has a lot to deal with let alone the dangers of going into a DOD facility to make a jailbreak. Katy has to deal with the fallout of some of her choices and actions but Daemon is always there to support and help her through.

We get more of the awesomeness that is Daemon Black, his quips are harder to resist every time. Katy can't resist and why should she when she is so very in love with this otherworldly man.

“Daemon was sprawled on his back, one arm stretched across the space beside him and the other rested across his bare stomach. Sheets were twisted around his narrow hips. His face was almost angelic in sleep, chiseled lines softened and lips relaxed. Thick lashes fanned the top of his cheeks. He looked so much younger at rest but, in a weird way, he was even more out of my league. His kind of masculine beauty was otherworldly and intimidating. Something that existed in between the pages of the books I read. Sometimes I had a hard time convincing myself he was real.” 

For Daemon and Katy, their bond is stronger than ever and so is their love for one another. I cherished every scene with the two of them together. I loved how much they care about each other, how they'd both do anything for the other. The way they still trade witty comebacks at the other and Daemon still his sexy, bad-ass self that annoys Katy with his quips but she loves that about him and so much more.

“Daemon spoke in his language. The lyrical quality of his words made no sense to me.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“There’s really no translation for it,” he said, “but the closest human words would be, you are beautiful to me.” 

The cliffhanger though! Damn, I wanted to cry. I couldn't believed it ended like that. I really can't wait for the next one.

4/5 stars

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