Dec 3, 2012

REVIEW: Slammed (Slammed, #1) by Colleen Hoover

 What a great book. I'll tell you, I didn't know who the Avett Brothers were or what the heck Slam Poetry was before reading, but I do now.

In between reading this book, I searched up Slam Poetry. It sounded interesting and I don't have much appreciation for poetry myself. It's often been my problem area in Literature. The author described it very well, but I still wasn't sure I really got the full experience compared to actually seeing someone do a poetry piece.

Needless to say, I Googled it and some videos came up, I watched a few and I have a new appreciation for poetry. It's really cool, I didn't expect it to be. Really good.

About this book now, really wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it throughout. Eighteen year old Layken has just moved from Texas to Michigan after her father passed away. Upon arrival they meet Will Cooper and his little brother Caulder. The attraction is instant between the two and their little brothers become fast friends. Even her mother approves. But just when Layken might be settling in and thinking that the move wasn't so bad after all, she finds out that Will is her new Poetry teacher at school.

He's only twenty-one so she'd have never guessed he was a teacher. She's eighteen so he thought she was in college. They had to stop dating and kissing and finding themselves in any compromising positions. And then Layken finds out that her mother has lung cancer and she may not make it.

This story was told from Layken's POV. I really felt very badly for her. She'd lost her father abruptly, had to move away from the only home she'd ever known, had to give up this incredible guy she'd met and then find out that she wouldn't have her mother around for much longer.

I truly never begrudged Will's decision to keep a distance between him and Lake for the sake of being able to provide for his little brother. I found him to be very noble. Being so young and losing both your parents then taking on the responsibility of caring for a nine year old, giving up his scholarship and losing his girlfriend. It all couldn't have been easy to cope with and he didn't want to put Layken any place but first but she couldn't be when he had so many responsibilities.

His slam-poetry reading at the club for Lake and his for her was so beautiful. I really fell for these two characters and their stories. It was infinitely touching and so real and raw. 

"So you keep your ocean, I'll take the Lake.” -Will

Theirs were situations that I imagine some people do face in reality. Not the exact same of course but similar and I thought they handled themselves maturely and they were very wise. The development of their relationship was  an aspect I really liked because even when they were denying themselves the person they loved, they still were like one big family, always there for each other and always putting their loved ones first.

“I love you, Lake," he smiles as he presses his forehead against mine. "You deserve to come first.” - Will

4.5/5 stars


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