Dec 2, 2012

REVIEW: This Man (This Man, #1) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

What did I think of this novel? Really? I was so conflicted sometimes but I ultimately liked it, very much. I'm a sucker for these kinds of heroes after Fifty Shades and like Gideon from the Crossfire series. Still there has to be a limit somewhere right? I love my possessive heroes but this hero took possessive to a whole other level.

Jesse Ward  was one freaking complicated S.O.B. I would be thoroughly terrified and turned on (yea I admit it) if a man that sexy was that insistent on being with me. But I wouldn't forget the terrified part. Because his actions really did scare me. It was borderline psychotic the way he went after Ava. 

I kept reading because the story was good but really I wanted to see what Jesse would do next. He's sexy as sin with his dirty blonde mess of hair and sludgy green eyes (Ava's description) and he's super rich and successful. He's arrogant and conceited and you can bet that he doesn't handle rejection well or take no for an answer. It's just not in his vocabulary. He's relentless in his pursuit of this young woman and very domineering and possessive/obsessive with her. Very controlling. Always telling her what to do and she does it because she knows it's pointless to resist him anything. He just doesn't give up.

Ava O'Shea is a beautiful and very successful interior designer for her age of twenty-six. She meets Jesse on a job at The Manor, a hotel which he owns and specifically requested her services for. The attraction between the two is instantaneous. He wants her and he knows he'll have her. He's that confident.

“Just tell me one thing before you leave, Ava.” His voice prickles at my senses… His face is serious, but still stunning. “How loud do you think you’ll scream when I fuck you?” 

Yea, my jaw kinda fell with that one. He said things like that a lot that kept shocking you with his relentless pursuit. And then the fact that he reprimands her for every swear word that leaves her lips and he's swearing even as he's reprimanding her. SMH!

Ava has just come out of a very long term relationship where her boyfriend has cheated on her and wasn't looking for anything serious. But Jesse was. He's out of control with her and he's hiding things from her and having sex with her on almost every surface of any place because he just can't seem to get enough and he can't leave her alone.

“Ava, you should know that once I’ve had you, you’re mine.” 

His behaviour is far from sane and leaves a lot to be desired and she just lets him ride roughshod over her life. He's basically trying to overtake her life, socially and at work. He doesn't want her to go to work, out with her friends, or wear something that he doesn't approve first. The man is a CONTROL FREAK. But he's sexy and she's falling for him and just can't let him go either.

She falls in love with him even though she knows she'll get hurt and you know that's exactly what happens. He's one really messed up hero but he loves her. I know that even if he doesn't say it. And he knows just how she feels courtesy of a drunken confession. He needs her like really needs her and goes bat-shit crazy without her. It's really something that shocks you. The nature of their relationship.

He's totally sweet when he wants to be and that makes her fall in love with him even more. He's easygoing and more normal, I guess, when she's not 'disobeying' him. He's a man that always gets what he wants and as long as Ava is what he wants, she hasn't a hope of being away from him.

“You’re the one baby.” 

I kept wondering though how much was going to be enough before she stood up to him and let him know that they couldn't continue like that. He needed to ease up on the control thing but he just can't because he's ultimately afraid of losing her, of her leaving him. He's afraid too. There's more to him though that we've yet to uncover though the two secrets we've found out about are quite a surprise, I wasn't expecting it. I really wasn't. Kudos to the author for that.

And the thing with her pills? I'm pretty sure I know what happened there. Their relationship is seriously dysfunctional. He's unlike any other hero I've read and I'm not sure if that's a good thing just yet. I will say I do want to read the sequel "Beneath This Man." It should be out in January 2013.

Secondary characters: Kate: Her best friend. I liked Kate but at times I wanted to slap some sense into her. Even she should have seen how disastrous Ava and Jesse's relationship was. You don't enable a man to stalk your best friend even if he's a sexy billionaire.
Sarah: I disliked her from the get-go and I have a feeling there's a history between her a Jesse than just co-workers and friends and I want to know more.

I would recommend this book to readers who love possessive heroes, though Jesse might be more possessive than you can handle.
4/5 stars



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