Oct 27, 2013

Being M.I.A...

So this is the first blog post I've made this month out the very few I've made in recent months. I've been totally MIA and haven't been able to write a review for the longest while. That hasn't stopped me from reading though if you caught the increase in my Goodreads 2013 challenge. 

So many great books this year and with the year almost over, I still don't think I've really cracked the surface of the most anticipated releases of the year. I've discovered new authors and many new book boyfriends ;)

So since I haven't been able to write much in the ways of reviews and I'm talking many drafts waiting to be completed, here's a list of some of the books that I really loved reading this year thus far...

Hot Ticket (Sinners, #3) by Olivia Cunning

One week Girlfriend (Drew & Fable, #1) by Monica Murphy

My review for this book can be found here

Second Chance Boyfriend (Drew & Fable, #2) by Monica Murphy

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire 

My review for this one is still pending and coming. I just love looking at the cover. Reading Travis' pov made me tear up.

Leo (Sign of Love, #1) by Mia Sheridan

Real (Real, #1) by Katy Evans

One of my fav new books boyfriends- Remy. My review for this book can be found here

Lover at Last (The Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) by J.R. Ward

I had waited patiently for Qhuinn and Blay's story and it was awesome. My review can be found here

Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1) by C.M. Stunich
A real favorite of all the books I read this year. Raw and gritty and just as the name says; Real Ugly. My review here

Dangerous to Know and Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick

I truly really enjoyed this book. A best of the year for me. And I'm looking forward to more from this author.

If Only (Captured, #1) by Louise J

Joe and Callie's story spanned years before they finally really found what they had in each other. My review here

Entwined with you (Crossfire, #3) by Sylvia Day

Gideon Cross. Need I say more? Review still pending because it needs time to get the right words ;)

Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3) by Tarryn Fisher

The final chapter in the messy lives of Caleb, Olivia and Leah. I cried and got pissed and loved it all at the same time. This review is still in my draft waiting to be finished but in the mean time you can read my reviews of The Opportunist (book 1) from Olivia's pov and Dirty Red (book 2) from Leah's pov.

Bad Things (Tristan & Danika, #1) by R.K. Lilley

Collide (Collide, #1) by Gail McHugh

Pulse (Collide, #2) by Gail McHugh

Tragic (Rook & Ronin, #1) by J.A. Huss

Manic (Rook & Ronin, #1) by J.A. Huss

Lick (Stage Dive, #1) by Kylie Scott

Surviving Raine (Surviving Raine, #1) by Shay Savage

A Little Too Far (A Little Too Far, #1) by Lisa Desrochers

Review almost complete but I loved it.

Breach (Breach, #1)  by K.I Lynn

And so many more....

Special mention to the coincidence of Callie & Kayden and the Redemption of Callie & Kayden by Jessica Sorenson which I absolutely couldn't get enough of.

If you haven't read some of these be sure to check them out, I whole-heartedly recommend them! ;)

Jul 7, 2013

REVIEW: Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1) by C.M. Stunich

This book is raw, gritty and doesn't hold back. CM Stunich takes you into the the behind the scenes of the lives of rock-stars Naomi Knox and Turner Campbell. Sex, drugs, rock and roll in a way you've never expected, the dark past of one sexy lead guitarist, one sexy licentious lead singer and what happens when things get Real Ugly.

This is no typical love story. There's no mushy romance and fawning and pining for each other. This novel as I said before is raw and totally blunt. These characters don't mix punches. They're both deeply flawed and their lives are no picnic. Some might be taken aback by the shear indelicacy of their characters, the way they live, but I just loved this book more because of it. 

Naomi, the heroine is hardcore. She's a sexy rock lead guitar god of the band "Amatory Riot." She's not your typical heroine. She's not looking for Mr. Right, hell, not even Mr. Right Now. Her band is what she's about now and she doesn't give a sh*t about much else. Except maybe her utter hate and repulsion for one sexy angelic voiced rock-star oh and did I mention she's got some dark secrets too.

Turner Campbell is the lead singer of the headliner band on tour called "Indecency" and that name perfectly describes who he is. Indecent. He does anything in a skirt (not literally, they don't all wear skirts, but you catch my drift ;)), does drugs and gets sh*t-faced after every set. Typical rock star right? Yep, that was until he got his first look at Naomi. First look? Not according to what Naomi remembers.

“Hey, baby, do I know you from somewhere?” 
“Yeah, last night when I cleaned your puke off my carpet and pulled your d*ck out of my friend.
Hey, next time you decide to screw a drunk chick, make sure she's sober enough to remember her own
name. Can you do that for me, Turner?”

-Naomi & Turner, Real Ugly

And that's all it takes for Turner to decide that he wants her. There's no tenderness in this novel but sexual tension so thick between these two, you could scratch a match and set the place on fire.

"Hot wet heat takes over my mouth and pulls the rest of the inner me out, and then I'm kissing Turner back hard and fast and furious while the world's most intense riffs are just pulled straight through me, cutting me up and bleeding me over the stage."

-Naomi Knox, Real Ugly

Turner doesn't want to want her but he does and finds himself feeling things that he never dreamed he'd feel.

"I'm so zoned into her right now that I didn't even take advantage of the girls waiting outside the door last night. They were all gray-scale while Naomi was in full f*cking technicolor."

-Turner Campbell, Real Ugly

But Naomi doesn't want him, at least that's what she tells herself and anyone else that listens. She convinces herself that she hates him. Hates his guts because of what happened that night all those years ago and because he sets her body on fire. But that's not the only reason she doesn't want to get him close. She's got a dark secret that he and no one else can know and that past has come back to haunt her.

I commend CM Stunich for giving her audience a book that couldn't be put down. This book was a breath of fresh air for me. The characters nothing like your usual hero/heroine. I've noticed this with her other books too. I just flat out enjoyed this book and almost died when I read the end.

That had to be the cruelest cliffhanger ever! I kept looking for the rest of the book and was like "Wait, noooooooooo!!!!!" Like seriously. Mother of all cliffhangers!

I'm really looking forward to the next book. This book was freakin' awesome!

4.5/5 stars

Jun 18, 2013

REVIEW: If Only (Captured, #1) by Louise J.

“I’ll never let you go again. You’re
mine, Joe.”
“I always was yours, Baby cake.”
- Joe & Callie, If Only

What a terrific debut novel from Louise J. She blew me away. This book brought a lot of emotions to the surface and I was utterly powerless to stop them. Joe and Callie took me on a journey. A journey of a love that refused to die even in the face of every obstacle that stood in their way.

For me it wasn't obstacles that got in the way but misunderstandings and just well . . . life. When Joe meets Callie she'd just almost run him over with her car. Their subsequent meeting was when this pink haired angel came into the tattoo shop where Joe and his brother Adam worked.

Circumstances were against them from the start as Callie had a boyfriend that she cared deeply for and was secure with. That didn't affect how they felt about each other though. The sparks, the heat between them was real. The instant attraction, the indecent thoughts but neither of them said or did anything about these feelings. Joe respected the boundaries set by Callie's relationship and Callie with her bff Su became fast friends with Joe, his brother Adam and his gf Saffron and their two friends Dane and Gerard.

Fast forward seven years. Yep! I said seven years.
Joe and Callie aren't together but they are the closest of friends. One thing has change though . . .Callie no longer has a bf.

Joe and Callie loved each other in silence for seven years  . . .always wanting but never vocalizing. This was a miscommunication of epic proportion because one word and they could have had those seven years together that they spent pining for each other.

One annual camping trip changes everything when they both own up to the love they've always had for each other. Things go fast from here. They steam up the bedroom and other places  . . .ahem. And they plan to get married.

But sadly, life gets in the way again by way of a baby. One of Joe's many past sexual conquests comes to visit and she's having his baby. Callie can't deal with it and she leaves to think.

Callie said she would leave for the duration of Emily's pregnancy and then she would come back. Fast forward and Callie has stayed in Arizona for 13 months. It's no surprise though when she calls home and finds out that Joe gave up. He thought he had to because  it seemed that she was never coming back. He and Emily are together now and they are raising their son Jack together.

I get that Callie was heartbroken knowing Joe moved on and I was glad she accepted her fault in that. The man waited a year for her  She loved him so much, a year didn't change that but she never once called him? What was he supposed to do?

Well it was at this point where I started to cry. The waterworks just wouldn't cease. I got emotionally involved and I don't think I've cried while reading since reading "Taking Chances  by Molly McAdams. That book tore me to shreds.

We fast forward to three years later and Callie is with Roman, a older guy who she met while living in Arizona. She 's living with him but she still loves Joe. She moved on because she thought she had to because Joe was with Emily.

All this could have been avoided with better communication and I kinda' blame Callie for that because she didn't blame Joe for Emily's pregnancy but she never once tried to contact him.

TEN YEARS! These guys have wasted ten years because of miscommunications and situations that could've been so easily resolved if they'd just talk. Callie mainly.

The end was rushed but I understood. A decade of love between these two characters never failed. Distance never waned the feelings and the love that was everything. When they saw each other again, it was effortless because they were Joe and Callie . . . their friendship defined the basis of their relationship and built something that would never ever change for either of them.

"You are so fucking right for me, in every way. All those one night stands and flings were just because I wanted to be free the moment you were. None of those women came close to you, so I didn't invest time in them. You set the bar, Baby Cake."
-Joe, If Only

I loved the side characters  Su, Dane, Saffron and Gerard. I guess we'll probably get something about the love lives of Dane and Gerard next. Fingers crossed xx.

I definitely recommend it. Wonderful book. And I have cover love. I pictured the cover girl as Callie the entire time. Effortlessly beautiful!

4/5 Stars

Jun 4, 2013

REVIEW: Picture Perfect by Alessandra Thomas

"Whether the rest of world saw me that way, I knew now that I was strong, and I was beautiful, just the way I was."
― Cat , Picture Perfect

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a change first off, having a plus-size heroine. I appreciated the novelty of that. I related to Catherine's story and struggle as well. She's a fashion design major who modeled for cash to cruise her through each semester. But after a horseback riding incident that resulted in an injury that not only damaged her lower leg bone but felled her self-esteem too.

What I related to her in was going from a a size four to around a size 12 (for me) for Cat it was like a fourteen as she said. It's a challenge. 

It sucked for me I know when my clothes didn't fit the same and I had to adjust to just looking different. For Cat it seemed much worse because she was a model. This was how she made her money. It was a difficult phase but she had a great support system in her best friend Joey and her therapist. But someone who I think helped her a lot was Nate the once every chubby guy that she kissed when they were younger.

In many ways Nate and her fit so well. I mean who better to help her adjust and understand than someone who himself struggled with his weight and saw it as the cause for his problems growing up. 

This book was great in terms of helping women appreciate themselves and seeing that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It was all about Cat accepting herself and her body and embracing her new shape which she eventually did. Great fast read. I would recommend it.

“Didn’t I talk about us like we were a thing from our first date? I fell in love with you that first time we went out for burgers and dancing. I love our weird dates and your belly laugh and how you see beauty in everything. Except yourself. And I love being the one to help you get there. I love the way you daydream I love the way you hold my hand. I can’t stop thinking about the way you taste.” 

― Nate, Picture Perfect

4/5 stars

May 25, 2013

REVIEW: Play with Me (With Me in Seattle, #3) by Kristen Proby

"I'm so in love with you, Megan, i can't see straight. You mean more to me than anything. More than my family, more than football. More than anything."
― Will Montgomery, Play With Me.

Kristen Proby has done it again. I've been so busy since the year started that it took me a while to get to this book but I liked Will from his first introduction and was totally excited for his story. I was not disappointed. I actually wished it was longer.

 Will Montgomery is Jules brother, one of them, from the second novel "Fight with Me" and Megan McBride is an old friend of Jules and Natalie, from book one, from college. Will is a big time football star. He's gorgeous, talented and super rich and he's also an arrogant ass . . . well that was Megan's first impression.

Megan is a nurse in the cancer ward at a hospital who had been trying repeatedly to get Will's football team to come and see the children at the hospital. She got repeatedly shut down so when she finally sees the man himself on a happenstance she is anything but civil.

Will is naturally confused at her reaction but intrigued with the auburn haired beauty with the rocker chick edge. He's never been affected by a woman in this way before and so he's persistent to pursue it.

This novel was great. It had everything that I look forward to in Kristen Proby's novels since reading "Come Away with Me." It was romantic, steamy as all hell and funny too. I swear I laughed out loud a couple times. This bunch of friends and family were terrifically entertaining.

One thing this novel proves is never judge  a book by its cover . . .
Meg judged Will from the moment she met him and was surprisingly proven wrong by him being anything but the arrogant footballer she expected him to be.

It was a rough start for these two but Will never gave up because he knew Meg was different and even her insecurities couldn't stop her from being with him. Their chemistry was sizzling and couldn't be denied. 

“When I take you, you’ll know exactly what we’re doing, what you’re feeling, and I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name.” 

― Will Montgomery, Play With Me.

There were a couple of humorous moments but the funniest part for me, the scene that made me laugh out loud and cover my mouth with my palm because my family would have probably thought I was cray-cray, was the scene where the boys pick up the girls from Jules' bachelorette party. OMG . . . these women were so funny ― unnerving the guys with all their sex talk. It was hilarious.

“Meg, how do you spell c*ck?”
“I don’t know,” I wrinkle my forehead in thought. All my words are gone. “Shit, I have ‘nesia!”
“Shit,” Brynna replies. “I think you spell it c-*-c-k. But you’re not supposed to spell it, Jules, 
you’re supposed to suck it.”
“Sonofabitch,” Caleb mutters and answers his ringing phone. “Hi Will. I sound like this because 
these drunker than f*ck women won’t stop talking about sex…”
― Meg, Jules, Brynna, Caleb, Play With Me.

Most of the drama to their relationship laid with Meg's insecurity of the her loved ones always leaving her - her deadbeat mother and her foster brother Leo. She had issues with expressing her feelings into words for Will because she felt he'd leave her if she did. But Will understanding her insecurity though not completely knowing the entire story always made her know where he stood in their relationship.

“You are mine, damn it. I will protect you from anyone and anything, do you understand?” His eyes are narrowed, one mine. “I don’t need your permission to make you safe.”
“You are mine, Megan McBride. Don’t ever forget that.” 
― Will Montgomery, Play With Me.

I truly loved this book. I think I loved this one the best and that's a tall claim because the previous books in this series were stellar as well. 
Will became my new book-boyfriend. I loved how he wasn't afraid to express his feelings. How much he doted on Meg and didn't blink after saying 'I love you' first when she couldn't say it. He was patient, kind, loving and everything Meg needed in a partner. He did everything to be there for her in every way and damn . . . where's my Will? I know, I think I said the same about Luke in my review for "Come Away with Me" *sheepish smile* but I can't help it.

A truly terrific and well written third installment in an already great series. Leo and Sam's story is next in "Rock with Me" and I'm really looking forward to Caleb and Brynna. That will surely be one hot story!

5/5 stars

It's a MUST- READ!

Also in this Series:


Next after "Play with Me"
Book 4
Leo and Sam

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May 24, 2013

REVIEW: The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken

“I’m gonna marry her.”
“I’m older. She’s going to marry me.”
Jake stuck out his tongue then brushed the dirt off his pants. “Wanna bet?”
“Yeah!” Travis sneered. “I do. A million dollars!”
“Fine!” Jake spit on his hand and held it out. “Shake on it. Blood oath.”
― Jake and Travis, The Bet

It all started with a bet. A bet when they were children. For the little girl that they both wanted. This book seemed like it would have been a love triangle from the Prologue but it wasn't. It really wasn't.

Travis and Jake Titus grew up with Kacey and Jake had always been her best friend while Travis had been the bane of her existence. They both liked her but only one of them was the right one for her.

Time passed where these three haven't been a part of each other's lives for years but when Jake and Travis' grandmother takes ill it brings them all back together. Some things have changed while others haven't Jake and Kacey are no longer best friends, they haven't spoken for a long time since the 'incident' while Kacey still hates Travis. Kacey had always loved Jake while Travis has secretly pined for Kacey all his life and watched his brother get all her attention.

Jake- I really wanted to like even one thing about him but zilch. Nothing. He couldn't even be a good friend after dragging Kacey there to his family home to portray a farce of a relationship in front of his grandmother and to improve his tarnished reputation inn public. There were times when he'd consider that his actions towards Kacey were wrong that maybe she could be good for him but soon after he'd discard the thought and justify his actions to himself.

Kacey- I really liked her. She was a strong heroine even in the face of having lost her family and having to be around Jake for an entire weekend pretending to be in love with him when she really hated his guts for what he did. Then there was Travis who tortured her since she was little and he was gorgeous now and she didn't know how to deal with that.

Travis- He was a breath of fresh air. Yet another Travis to love. He has loved Kacey his whole life but has always been second fiddle to his brother. It didn't help that she loathed him since they were children. To be fair he did torture her but his reasoning was childish (he was a child) and endearing. 

"He knew for a fact Kacey loved princess stories. She would talk about how girls are supposed to be treated like princesses, and boys are supposed to be princes.
But how was he supposed to be a prince when there were no dragons to slay? How could he prove himself when there were no monsters?

Good thing he was the smartest kid in his class. He knew just what to do. All he had to do was cause the trouble and then save her from it. "
― Travis, The Bet

But now was his chance. She was here and his brother didn't deserve her. This was his chance to tell her how he felt and how he always felt.

"He'd wanted her more than Anything. His entire life. How many people could actually claim that? That for their entire existence, the one person they wanted to share eternity with, had never changed, never faltered. Her. It had always been her . . ." 
― Travis, The Bet

This story was funny and romantic and gave me another book-boyfriend to drool over. I laughed a lot at Kacey and Travis snarky comments and constant bickering. It wasn't what I expected as I said, I thought that it would be somewhat of a love triangle but no there was no question of Jake ever being in the picture. He didn't deserve her nor could he be what she wanted. They weren't right for each other. Travis however, he has always loved her. Even though she hated him, he loved her and he never stopped. 

"Everything I do, everything I've done in my life, it’s all because of you.” 
– Travis, The Bet

I loved their grandmother, sneaky sentimental old gal she was totally doing what her crazy grandson couldn't muster up to. I recommend this book if your looking for a light easy read, I found it totally worth my time and it would be worth yours too!

“Yes, I'll marry you.....Satan."
"Awww, see? We already gave pet names!” 
― Kacey and Travis, The Bet

Travis won the bet and he got the girl ;)
5/5 stars

Right now "The Bet" by Rachel Van Dyken is $0.99 get it here while it lasts!

May 21, 2013

REVIEW: One Week Girlfriend (Drew+Fable, #1) by Monica Murphy

“This isn't a game to me, Fable. This is my life. And I want you to be a part of it … I want you and you only. I’m not sharing you with anyone else.” 
― Drew Callahan, One Week Girlfriend

“I always want him. Always. 
It’s always like this between us, too. We come together and we simply…combust. So easily. Beautifully. Does he even know how he affects me? Does he realize how my heart now rests in his hands? I belong to him completely” 
― Fable McGuire, One Week Girlfriend

It's always a great feeling when you pick up a book and can't put it down. It was the immediate effect with this book for me. I loved it from start to finish. These two broken souls giving each other hope and faith that they can be happy. That being any kind of happy for them is possible ― with each other.

The story is told from both the POV of Drew and Fable. Fable is a simple barmaid with a bad unearned reputation and a really messed up family situation  Every cent she works for in her low paying bar job is accounted for to provide for her and her thirteen year old brother Owen. Her parents? She's never know her father and her mother might as well not be there at all because Fable practically handles everything. Her drunken mother can't keep a job or choose the right man.

Drew Callahan on the other hand has it all put together ― or so it seems. Unlike Fable, he's in college because he can more than afford it and he's a star footballer with a bright future ahead of him. So why does he need little ordinary old Fable to pretend to be his girlfriend for a week when he goes home to his parents?

This book is filled with angst and emotions run high throughout. Drew has deep dark secrets that he can't handle and he needs Fable. He barely knows her but he desperately needs her because there's something about her that makes him forget even for a little while.

These two can't understand the connection brewing between them in such a short period of time. Why they seem to need each other. With the two of them having their own dramas to deal with it's easier with each other. Drew's skittish because he doesn't believe she can handle his secrets even though she desperately wants to be there for him.

“There’s no going back,” he whispers … “Once I am inside you, you’re mine.”
“I want to be yours,” I answer in a breathy whisper. “I want to belong to you, Drew. Only you.” 
― Drew and Fable, One Week Girlfriend

I tell you Monica Murphy is one to watch. This book was too good. I read it in no time because I just needed to know where things would end up. This book tugged at my heartstrings and I loved these characters flaws and all. 

I'm really trying to be spoiler free on this review and it's hard but I will say that this is a MUST-READ

(PS- I'm in cover lust over this gorgeous cover! Beautiful right?)

5/5 stars!

Be sure to also check out the sequel 

Second Chance Boyfriend (Drew+Fable, #2)

Their story's not over yet.

Apr 20, 2013

REVIEW: Real (Real, Raw & Ripped, #1) by Katy Evans

“Your name,” he growls, panting, his eyes wild on mine.
“Uh, Brooke.”
“Brooke what?” he snaps out, his nostrils flaring.
His lips curl and he meets my gaze. “Brooke Dumas.” He just fucked my name right in front of me.

― First Meeting, Real

That quote, well I was hooked well before that. This book sizzled but never fizzled. I was so wired after reading this book. Remington freaking Tate! This book was just everything. I needed this. I hadn't had time to read lately and I'm so glad I kicked my rut with this book. Remy and Brooke's story had everything. Possessive hero check. He's a fighter! Sizzling sexual chemistry that was seriously off the charts!! They didn't have to do anything but look at each other. That was it. You felt it like it was some palpable entity in the air. 

I really connected with Brooke. Felt every intense moment with her and Remy. (No not the ermm . . . sexy scenes cuz that'd be creepy). But I mean the feelings, the emotions that ran so high. It was intense you couldn't not feel it.

I loved her reaction when she first saw him in the ring. She totally thought she'd be unaffected. Totally didn't want to be there but damn if she didn't think he was the sexiest and most beautiful man she'd ever seen.

Dark scruffy jaw.
Boyish smile. Man’s body. Killer tan.
― Brooke Dumas, Real

His reaction to her just as palpable. My God! This man knew what he wanted and he went after it. I loved how he introduced himself to her. I'm smiling just remembering reading that. It was a highlight alright.

“Brooke,” he growls softly, meaningfully, against my lips, as he draws back with a smile. “I’m
― Remington Tate, Real

Brooke had never felt anything like what she instantly felt for Remington after their first eye-lock,  after he kissed her. And then taking a job with him that meant putting her hands on his body. I'd take that job any day. I loved how Remy had eyes for no one but her. He was so caring and considerate with her. Getting close but not too close. Their little habit of playing songs to each other that expressed their feelings? Sigh! And "Iris" I adore that song and that was his song to her. She didn't understand at the time but he was trying to tell her he had a dark secret that he wasn't sure she'd understand.

He was vulnerable but never let it show, covering it with his cocky attitude but he had deep-set fears. Fears that came from a disorder that he was so scared would make her leave him. I totally understood that. It was the kind of thing that you couldn't be sure. He suffered black moods where his behaviour was unpredictable, he was pissy and easily angered and destructive. And very possessive and jealous. He worried that in his black moods he could do something he had no control over and hurt her and she'd go. I just wanted to hug him and never leave him but Brooke would probably rip my hair out for that!

“You’ll leave me the second it gets too steep, and you’ll leave me with nothing – when I want you like I've never wanted anything in life. You’re all I think about, dream about. I get high and low and it’s not about you now, it’s not even about me anymore. I can’t sleep, can’t think, can’t concentrate worth shit anymore and it’s all because I want to be the fucking ‘one’ for you.” 
― Remington Tate, Real

But she loved him. She didn't know when it happened but it did. That beautiful man slowly wormed his way into her heart and she knew she'd never be the same again. She'd never survive him. Their connection, their intensity for each other could have been scary but I thought it was beautiful. Two people whose dreams got shattered finding each other. Remy's feelings for her was  . . . I can't explain. It was just so intense. And if I had to sum this book up in one word, it would be  . . .INTENSE.

“Have you ever been anyone's?"
"No. And you?"
"I've never wanted to."
"Neither have I. Until I saw this lovely girl in Seattle, with big gold eyes, and pink, full lips... and I wondered if she could understand me...” 
― Remy & Brooke, Real

He took it slow with her so she'd want him for him. Just him, not "Riptide." He knew when he saw her that first night that she was his and he wanted her to be his, not just a fling. But something real!

 "I’m every woman’s adventure, damn you, and I don’t want to be yours. I want to be your f*cking REAL. You get that? If I f*ck you, I want you to belong to me. To be mine.” 
― Remington Tate, Real

As I said before, their chemistry was off the charts even when they weren't having sex. I mean these two had some really hot moments.

“"Are you mine?" he asks gruffly, as his hand returns between my thighs and briefly enters me. I gasp. Undone. Delirious. "I'm yours." His expression is tense, ravenous, so hot as he scrapes his finger deep into my channel. "Do you want me inside you?" My need clogs my windpipe as pleasure shoots down my legs. "I want you everywhere. All over me. Inside me.” 
― Remy & Brooke, Real

His possessiveness towards her could've been unhealthy but it wasn't totally. I admit though that he went to extremes, letting opponents hit him so he get her hands on his skin afterwards. But I'd want a man who wanted to protect and always keep me safe. Remy always made her feel safe. He knew she was his 'one' and he just needed her. She calmed him. Even his closest friends couldn't believe how different he was with her especially in his dark moods. She made him feel at ease, at home. I loved that.

“Brooke, you can't leave. You're mine” 
― Katy Evans, Real

His little pre-fight ritual of looking ta her in the stand before his fight was so freaking adorable. I wish I could see those dimples. It's like he was saying 'this is for you.' That every fight was for her. That he'd do anything for her. and he did. They were almost lost to each other after he tried to give her something she'd wanted so badly. He always made sure she knew even without the words, though she never saw it clear enough, everyone around her saw his love.

“By the time those electric blue eyes seek me out in the stands, my heart throbs fiercely in my temples, and my insides bubble with emotion when he spots me. He stares straight into my eyes, and his eyes are only mine, and his smile is only mine, and for this fraction of an instant, nothing else matters but us.” 
― Katy Evans, Real

All in all I really loved this book. Best I've read for a while. The author told a great story that unfolds even further in "Mine" book two which I'm super excited for. And then "Remy" which is "Real" from Remy's POV. That should be really good. I love to get the hero's thoughts because they always seem so much more intense and the heroine never truly see everything on the surface. And the Melanie gets her story (Brooke's BFF) that should be terrific, I enjoyed her character  She was so bubbly!

“I'm so fucking in love with you I don't even know what to do with myself anymore. . .“You’ve claimed me, little firecracker. . . . You staked your claim on me, even before you realized I’d staked mine already.” He fists my hair and pulls me close to his lips. “I’m yours now … Even if I screw this up, I’ll still be your screw-up.”  ” 
― Remington Tate, Real

4/5 stars

“ . . .There he is, a woman's living, breathing fantasy, doing his slow, cocky turn, spiky black hair, darkly tanned chest, dimpled smile-killer smile-all in the package of Remington Tate. He's perfection itself, and a new surge of hormones sweeps through me as I do what the rest of the crowd does and take in his visual, so blatantly on display in those low riding boxing shorts and so strikingly sexy, he becomes the center of my attention. The center. Of my. World.” 
― Brooke Dumas, Real

For more from this author follow Katy Evans on Twitter

I wholeheartedly recommend this book! Seriously! Read it! :)

Apr 16, 2013

REVIEW: Lover at Last (BDB, #11) by J.R. Ward

Blay and Qhuinn was the story that has been teasing us since they first kissed a few books back. I don't know about you guys but I've been hooked and very eager for them to finally have their story told. A whole book about them. The Warden did a great job bring these two to their happy ending but I can't say that I was completely satisfied with the book. It was bittersweet finally having these two be the forefront of their own book and I felt that all the other side stories with all these other characters detracted from their story, for me. There was just too much of it and I felt not enough Blay and Qhuinn. 

TEAM QHUAY! These two characters, My heart really ached for these two. Blay who long since realized his feelings for Qhuinn but turned to someone who wanted him rather than the man he loved who didn't. Qhuinn on the other hand who valued Blay like family. They were best friends. Yes I used past tense because when Blay and Saxton got together  there wasn't that bond there between them anymore, but Qhuinn's realization and subsequent confession to Layla of his feelings that just . . . words couldn't explain. So when we finally got a book that was all about them . . . I'll say it again, I was disappointed at the the amount of scenes that were focused on the side characters. I needed more Blay and Qhuinn. It wasn't enough for me.

To the actual story now. As we expected, it wouldn't be a bed of roses for these two. On one hand there was Blay who was reluctant to give into what Qhuinn was offering even though he desperately wanted to because this was the male he loved. And then there's Qhuinn who knows he loves Blaylock with everything but he's having a young with a Chosen and it complicates things. But from the start, Ward showed us that connection of when Qhuinn went through his issues with his family, Blay was there for him. You saw just how close these two were and how far apart they'd grown because of the unresolved issues between them.

“I’m here for you. And I’m so damned sorry….I’m here
for you…."
― Blaylock, Lover At Last

The way Qhuinn just needed Blay. Sigh . . . I just loved these two. he knew that Blay was skittish but he just wanted anything he could get from Blay. He was tender and loving but cautious of Blay's feelings and he just wanted him any way he could have him. When everything went on with Layla, Blay was the first one he turned to. The only one he wanted to be with when things got tough.

“Let me kiss you.” Qhuinn groaned as he leaned in. “I know I don't deserve it, but please ... it's what you can do for me. Let me feel you....”
Qhuinn's mouth brushed his own. Came back for more. Lingered.
“I'll beg for it.” More with the caress of those devastating lips. “If that’s what it takes. I don't give a f**k, I'll beg...” 
― Qhuinn, Lover At Last

When they were together physically even without talking you just knew how much they needed each other. There wasn't the need for crude prolonged loved scenes. What was there told enough about how much these two belonged together. The intensity of their physical yearnings were scorching. I mean Qhuinn totally frazzled Blay on more than one occasion.

“Shit. With Qhuinn looking at him like that, he couldn’t remember his own name. Blaysox? Blacklock? Blabberfox? Who the fuck knew…” 
― Blaylock, Lover At Last

I loved how accepting Blaylock's family was after his confession and even about Qhuinn. What was even more amazing was the Brotherhood making Qhuinn a Brother. Loved that scene.

Zsadist spoke up in the Old Language. “I, Zsadist, son of Ahgony, inducted in the two hundred
forty-second year of the reign of Wrath, son of Wrath, hereby nominate Qhuinn, an orphan in the
world, for membership unto the Black Dagger Brotherhood.”
― Zsadist, Lover At Last

I was kind of disappointed that the story got wrapped up so fast in the end. I'm sure we'll hear more from these two in side stories; Layla's pregnancy, Layla and Xcor. Blay and Qhuinn made up really quickly at the end. In a couple of pages. Thought that could ahve been drawn out a little bit, it was a bit rushed. But all in all it was a good book. I just wished for more moments with Blay and Qhuinn when weren't at odds. There were many scenes like those.

But my third fav couple in this series got their happy ending so I'm happy!

“You are perfect the way you are." Blay's voice was strong. "There is nothing wrong with who and what you have always been. I'm proud of you. And I love you. Now ... and always."
Qhuinn's vision got wavy. Hard-core.
"I'm proud of you. And I love you," Blay repeated. "Always. Forget about your old family ... you have me now. I am your family.” 
― Blaylock, Lover At Last

“You've always had me ... and my heart. My soul. Everything. I wish it hasn't taken this long for me to man up.” 
― Qhuinn, Lover At Last

I need to give special mention to Saxton. He totally earned my respect. He had hope but always knew that Blay would never feel for him what he felt for Qhuinn and he backed down. He let him go. I admired him for that and sympathized as well because he genuinely loved Blaylock.

Sidenote, this was the first of this series and for this author with a novel of an MM romance persuasion and I thought it was great. She didn't make it too sexual. The physical scenes between them weren't about the satisfying of physical urges but the connection between them and the need to be with each other.

4/5 stars

If you're wondering who my No. 1& 2 are:

1. Zsadist and Bella
2. Rhage and Mary

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Spoiler from J.R. Ward's Facebook from her Cincinatti Event
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