Jan 13, 2013

Mile High (Up in the Air, #2) by R. K. Lilley

I'm probably in the minority here but this one was a bit lackluster for me compared to the first. I was disappointed. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't what I was expecting. I wanted progress but all I got was a more amplified version of an already total ALPHA male (I mean his jealousy really got to me in this one. Really hard to admit because I really loved James in "In Flight") and Bianca well she became more docile in this one. She let James take more control of her life and I'm not sure she realized that she was letting her independent girl slip away.

James though his jealousy gnawed at me was still the high point of "Mile High." I mean I already knew his character going in from "In Flight" so I wasn't surprised anything he did. Bianca was the one that hurt this novel for me.

BTW for a novel named "Mile High" and having a heroine who's a flight attendant, there was little work and mostly play in this book. Lots of sex in this one more so than the first. Lots more kink and even sex on horseback. WTF though I'm impressed (made me blush but it was hot). I really wished they developed their emotional relationship more. There was just so much sex and really you couldn't call it making love but "f#cking" because that's exactly what it was.

James' jealousy drove me nuts. I understood that he wouldn't want her with any other man but his blatant jealousy for every male that she comes in contact with just . . . sigh. It screamed trust issues. If a relationship doesn't have trust, how can it last? She was practically the same way. Constantly asking him if he'd slept with every woman he spoke to (Insecure much?).

“I can’t change my past, Bianca. All I can do is be honest with you, and I've done my best.” 
― James Cavendish, Mile High

And her constantly saying the wrong thing when it came to their relationship status. The man basically declares his intentions for you laying everything at your feet and you still doubt him. He's done everything short of saying I love you. I didn't understand why she continued to act like they weren't anything serious when they actually move in together. If you're not in a serious relationship, what are you doing with him? It sure isn't just sex for him. The man wants to marry her, have children with her and she just gets squeamish with all that. But she loves him right? She needs him? What I wanted to know was where she saw them headed.

“There you go, belittling us again. You must know by now that I've never done any of this for anyone else. I was a slut once with my body, but I've never been a slut with my heart.” 
― James Cavendish, Mile High

When he says things like:

“You’re my angel, Bianca. You've exorcised my demons. I don’t have nightmares when I’m with you. I don’t have to work seventy hour work weeks to keep my mind distracted. My life has become more than work and emotionless affairs. You make me a better man.” 
― James Cavendish, Mile High

You can see where this is headed right? How can she still not know if it's serious? Even when she says stuff like this she still reluctant to commit fully to him. Though I think at the end, I have to give her some kudos that she's finally seeing something serious between them. I mean you don't just say these things to someone if you don't see it going anywhere. She's seems to finally be catching on that James is looking for permanence from her.

"I gripped his silky hair in my fists. “I missed you, too. It’s scary just how much. I don’t know how it happened so fast, but you feel like home to me, James.”
― Bianca Karlsson, Mile High

The troubles from her past with her dad took a relative backseat in this one though she had extra security and what not. Big revelation at the end concerning her past. I'm looking forward to see what happens with this part of the story.

Bianca was really my only hang-up as you can see from my ranting. I really love James in all his kinky dominant glory and I totally love Javier because Stephan has someone. And from my review on "In Flight" I know you already know how adorable I think Stephan is. I am looking forward to the third and final installment to see how their story wraps up.

3.5/5 stars

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