Jan 12, 2013

REVIEW: Fight With Me (With Me in Seattle, #2) by Kristen Proby

Was not disappointed with the sequel to "Come Away with Me" because it was terrific. I loved Nate from the Prologue and what a hot Prologue it was! Nate and Jules have a hot steamy romance in this sequel, I was fanning myself a lot through this one. Very sexy scenes between these two.

Nate is going on my Book Boyfriends list because this guy is seriously smoking hot! He's tatted, has glorious long hair (like my sexy Gideon from "Bared to You") and he's pierced in a place only a lover is allowed to see. Oh and did I forget to mention that he is an ex-MMA fighter? Oh yea! He's also very Alpha and very possessive of Jules.

Him being her boss would have undoubtedly been an obstruction but these two were determined to make things work. Nate *sigh* the things he would say to her, the man has a mouth on him. AH! Julianne couldn't resist him in all his sexiness if she tried.

There was next to no angst between this couple. The few fights they did have were very quickly resolved. I did feel though that their last fight was blown way out of proportion due to a very melodramatic Jules. She could have let the man explain, I mean she loved him right, didn't he deserve that much?

I loved that we got some Will and Natalie in this one. I really enjoyed their book so having them in this one was a treat and Jules' brothers? I'm looking forward to their stories. Especially Will's and Caleb's.

Though I really enjoyed this one, I had one hang-up, I really wanted more emotional scenes between these two so you could clearly see the depth of their love and its formation. There was a lot of sex. A lot. I really didn't think I'd complain about that but there was maybe too much sex. The sex was hot don't chew my head off but they had sex in every chapter if not more than once in a chapter. I needed more conversations to flesh them out as characters more and show the more emotional build-up of their relationship.

That was my only negative for this book but I did really enjoy it and look forward to more from this author because her writing promises only good stuff for the future. I am super excited though for the next book which will be Will's book. 

4/5 stars

Favorite Quote:

“No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows the sound of my heart from the inside.” 

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