Jan 1, 2013

REVIEW: Shadow's Claim (The Dacians, Realm of Blood & Mist, #1) by Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole never fails to make me love paranormal romances with fated mates and ever so possessive Lorean males no matter their kind. The Dacians spin-off from the IAD series takes us into the world of the most mythical of Loreans who reside in a world that no one knows about; The Realm of Blood & Mist, the kingdom now ruled by The Enemy of Old Lothaire.

We really got introduced to the Dacian clans in Lothaire's book and Trehan, The Prince of Shadow was the first out of these to have his story told. His story is told concurrently with Lothaire's.

Trehan's fated mate is a halfling, half demon, half soceri. Soceri don't really have fated mates so it was a challenge for Trehan to claim his mate. Her being from another kingdom and set to be Queen also made things difficult. Him as a vampire of the mist, would have to expose himself and be banished from his kingdom if he chose to take her. But their biggest obstacle to their HEA? His Princess Bettina of Abbadon was in love with another, a very young and very attractive demon, Caspion.

I seriously wanted to smack Bettina at times, she really made me so angry. How could she want a male that shows absolutely NO interest in her. I get that saying that the heart wants what the heart wants. Doesn't matter the circumstances but she was very naive. It made her jealous but didn't dampen her pursuit of this demon even when she knew he spent his nights as Salem her PhanTom says "pile-driving" prostitutes in a brothel.

Her unwavering loyalty to Cas was exasperating. The demon saw her as nothing more than a friend, a sister even. You really want a man that thinks of you as a sister? That's zero sexual chemistry between these two. But her and Trehan? Sexy! Very sexy!

There wasn't a lot of sex but what there was of it was pretty hot. Trehan was just sexy! Nothing like a man who would give up everything and expose himself to the Lore world to win his Bride's hand in a competition. Still she often disappointed me when in moments that should have been theirs alone, she would bring up Caspion. I'm like, girl what more do you freakin' want.

“Take care, lest you lose a male who'll desire only you - and gain a male who'll desire only others.” 
― Trehan Daciano Shadow's Claim

Closer to the end, things went to crap when actions were misunderstood and Trehan felt weary of trying to fight for a woman who wanted another. While Bett was finally figuring out how she felt for him and letting go of her feelings for Cas. Total misunderstanding.

"The Vamp basically told her, 'I'm in a weird place in me life right now, and I need some space.' Of course, he told her that by pointing a bloody sword at her whilst bellowing, 'I forsake you!' in front of the whole kingdom.” 
                                                       ―Salem, Shadow's Claim

Salem was a fun character. I want more of him and his snarkiness. He said the funniest things. And we got some Lothaire and Lizvetta. Lothaire's book was actually my favorite of the IAD series with A Hunger Like No Other a close second, so I'm biased to him and his Bride. 

“A king of a kingdom no one fucking knows about! I'm the tree in the forest that silently falls--when no one is around to be crushed!” 
― Lothaire, Shadow's Claim

All in all, a pretty good start to an already promising new series. I love Kresley Cole's work and I'm looking forward to the next one.

4/5 stars

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