Jan 7, 2013

Romance Mills & Boon 2013

REVIEW : Her Shameful Secret by Susanna Carr

First off, what a pretty cover. This is the second novel that I've read by this author. It was a very good read. It was emotional, angsty and steamy all at once.

Isabella Williams is pregnant with the Rossi heir! But which Rossi? Not the Antonio Rossi that she'd spent months with when she visited Rome? No it was his ever competing and spiteful brother Giovanni . . .

I have to admit, the conditions that Bella was living in prior to Antonio finding her again was appalling. I couldn't imagine what she could have been going through, working herself to the bone to provide for her and her baby and living in perpetual squalor.

Antonio doesn't understand why Gio left Isabella so much in his will. He believes Isabella was unfaithful with him an the issues between these two brothers could make a therapist rich. 

I understood Antonio's reluctance to trust that Bella never meant for anything to happen with Gio. That she was love-sick over him. He'd been burnt before by his brother. He cared more about Bella than he cared to admit and after finding  her again, even pregnant with his deceased brother's child, he isn't letting her go.

This was a really beautiful easy read. I absolutely adored Antonio and Isabella was a strong heroine. They had many issues to work out before they could reach a common place where they could spend the rest of their lives together.

The epilogue was the sweetest thing! 
A great way to start off 2013!

REVIEW: The Petrelli Heir by Kim Lawrence

Thoroughly enjoyed this one from Kim Lawrence. Have read many of her books and haven't been disappointed. I loved how Roman and Isabel met. They were both at a place where they just needed comfort, to lose themselves with someone else. 

One night of unbridled passion then went their separate ways, not so much as knowing each other's names. But fate had other plans for these two. Its two years later and Roman has learnt he may never father a child but gets the surprise of his life when he meets his mystery woman again and she has a daughter that's the exact replica of himself.

Isabel was a fiercely independent heroine but she couldn't resist the blatant and searing chemistry between her and Roman and they cohabit in an effort to be parents to their child. They didn't expect to fall in love but they did.

A really nice, sweet and steamy read.

REVIEW: The Incorrigible Playboy by Emma Darcy 

What a sexy, sexy cover! An even sexier hero. A fun and very well-executed plot. I loved Harry from the get-go. He's been trying to get a chance with his brother's Michael PA Elizabeth Flippence for years but Elizabeth is hung-up on his brother.

I felt really sorry for Elizabeth at the start. Imagine putting yourself out there on your 30th birthday no less to finally get the man you desire to notice you and then your sister comes for a visit and totally eclipses you off his radar.

Harry ever intuitive about Elizabeth, sees her pain in seeing her sister Lucy and his brother hit it off and offers her a reprieve in coming to work for him. 
Harry finally sees an opportunity to get Michael out of Elizabeth's mind for good and into his bed and as his woman. I really loved how caring and considerate he was to her feelings even when he knew how she hurt over his brother wanting her sister. She's always been the conservative one, the strong one and Harry offers  her the chance to have some fun. To be with him. The brother that's always wanted her.

A really fun, romantic story and introduction to the Finn brothers. Looking forward to Michael and Lucy's story.

REVIEW: Beholden to the Throne by Carol Marinelli

This one is a follow up to Banished to the Harem - Rakhal and Natasha's story. This one is King Emir who is the ruler of the neighboring country of Alzan and the Royal nanny Amy Bannester.

 After his wife Sheikha Hannah died after giving birth to twin girls, the King has been drowning himself in work while Amy cares primarily for the girls along with the aid of a native nanny.

Amy is the only one strong enough, bold enough, to stand up to the King about his responsibilities as a father. She's in love with him and his baby girls and it kills her because she can't have children of her own. He must take another wife in order to carry on his line, for in his country only a male can carry on rule.

This breaks Amy's heart but he wants her, not just as a body to seek comfort in, he respects her too much for that. He wants her to be his wife, his Queen Sheikha. They don't see how it will work as she cannot produce any heirs. The girls already love her, calling her the Arabic word for 'mother.' It breaks her heart for all she cannot have.

But King Emir doesn't give up. He loves this woman and he wants her to be at his side always even if it means the line ends with him. He wants Amy as his wife, his queen and mother to his children.

A wonderful story as always with this author. Emotional and touching and sexy all at the same time because the king and this Royal nanny have serious chemistry. I love how this all works out and they get their HEA.

Some Great Titles coming out from Mills & Boon for January 2013 . . .

Get "Her Shameful Secret" by Susanna Carr here

Get "The Petrelli Heir by Kim Lawrence here 

Get "The Incorrigible Playboy" by Emma Darcy here

Get " Beholden to the Throne" by Carol Marinelli here



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