Feb 10, 2013

REVIEW: Beauty from Pain (Beauty, #1) by Georgia Cates

Stumbled upon this one actually and so glad I did. After reading the synopsis I knew I had to get this book and I wasn't disappointed. This story was everything I was looking for. Since the phenomena that is Fifty Shades, I've been into alpha male heroes and torrid affairs with loads of angst and this one though not BDSM and not conventional, it totally works and the relationship is totally different from that of our fav fictional couples.

Laurelyn Prescott has just gone through a rough spot in her personal life. Her family situation is messed up too, so when her best friend Addison offers her 3 months down under, its a welcome distraction.

Jack Henry McLachlan is a multimillionaire in the wine business and he's not into relationships. He does purely physical relationships for short periods of time with women who know they deal from the get-go and he uses a fake name.

So when Jack's looking for lucky number 13, he stumbles upon a brunette beauty singing so beautifully that he can't help but be captivated by her. So when he decides she'll be the one for the foreseeable months, Laurelyn has no chance.

Initial thoughts: As I started this I was so intrigued that I didn't want to put it down. 
As it went on: This story just got better as it went on. I loved that Laurelyn didn't give in at first. I mean he was a complete stranger and he told her upfront that the name he'd give her wouldn't be his real name. He could have been another Ted Bundy for all she knew. Surprising but welcome, Laurelyn has a very sexy workout routine.(wink)

I was right with her in deciding to not give him her real name as well. He wanted them to be as detached from each other emotionally as possible and by doing that she showed that she wasn't going to make their "relationship" any more than what it was.

She slowly began to break down his walls and it was so painful, the end of the story. Cliffhanger types hurt me because I have months for the second "Beauty from Surrender."

The chemistry and the love scenes were so steamy and you could feel it, that tension, the underlying feelings beneath the surface. She made him break his rules and she made him feel . . . for her!

In so many books, the sex overshadows the budding relationship between the two leads. There's sometimes so much sex and not enough story but here there was a complete balance with Jack and Laurelyn. He didn't only want sex with her, he wanted to know her and take her places. They had real conversations.

I don't want to ramble on too much more, but I'm really excited for the next book after how this one ended. I wish I could read it right now, I so want to know what happens next!

MUST READ. I HIGHLY recommend it!



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